What’s on exhibit at the City of Ottawa galleries

Upcoming exhibtions at Ottawa Galleries

OTTAWA, April 25, 2022 – The City of Ottawa has several upcoming exhibitions at its art galleries where you can explore works from local and Canadian artists free of charge.

Each artist brings their own impressions and opinions on a wide variety of topics, life events and issues through sculptures, videos, paintings and photography.

Here are the current and future exhibits for you to explore.

Karsh-Masson Gallery
City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Miles Rufelds – You can draw a straight line
April 14 to June 10, 2022
Artist tour: Sunday, June 12, 2 pm (presented in English)

Research-based artist, Miles Rufelds, takes his own personal perspective on the history of Canada’s path of economic development that has now placed it as an economic superpower on the global stage. It draws the line through the colonialization of our nation to our current use of resources for wealth and prosperity.

Miles Rufelds, Improver, 2022, mixed media, courtesy of the artist 
Miles Rufelds, Improver, 2022, mixed media, courtesy of the artist 
Miles Rufelds, Spiral Economy, 2019, mixed media, courtesy of the artist

City Hall Art Gallery
City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Ben Globerman – Palimpsest I
May 12 to July 8, 2022
Artist tour: Sunday, May 29, 2 pm (presented in English)

A palimpsest is an original writing material where the text or composition has been erased and replaced with new text, while traces of old text remain. This video exhibit creates a sonic palimpsest that deconstructs and recomposes traditional choral pieces from the Renaissance period using a background of historical motifs with the choral collaboration of two local choirs. It focuses on owing gratitude to music that has been passed down through the generations.

Photograph and graphic design: Ben Globerman, courtesy of the artist

Corridor 45|75
Rideau Station, O-Train Line 1
West Concourse – Level 2

Alexander Findlay – Alter Ego
Now until June 26, 2022

Alexander Finlay, Robin, 202

While on the West Concourse of O-Train Line One Rideau station, walk by the photo portraits of superheroes and you will notice that the models don’t exactly reflect the personae of the character they are representing. That is the intent of the portraiture by photographic artist, Alexander Findlay, in his exhibit called Alter Ego. The exhibit allows the models to reflect how they see themselves – by personifying confidence, vulnerability, stereotypes and gender.

Alexander Finlay, Captain America, 2021, inkjet print, courtesy of the artist

For more information on upcoming exhibits at Ottawa Galleries please visit: https://ottawa.ca

SOURCE City of Ottawa

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