5 Helpful tips for hiring a private jet in Canada

private jet

Private jets are becoming a lot more accessible these days, but don’t let people on social media fool you; it’s more complicated than arriving at airports and jumping on planes. You’ll need to do research before booking one.

If you’re thinking about hiring a private jet for the first time, we’ll discuss some things you’ll need to look into. It will ensure your first trip is a huge success, so I doubt you’ll ever want to fly commercial again.

1. Research private jet charters

Canadians have access to many private jet charters, so you’ll need to choose the right one. Most people tend to focus on security, safety, and privacy. You should find out if there are two pilots on each flight.

Pilots should have lots of experience flying the aircraft they’re on. It should be impossible for the public to follow you using flight tracking programs. Check if jet charters have been awarded high ratings for their services.

2. Flying on the right aircraft

Novajet private flights will use different aircraft depending on several factors. It could depend on how far you’re traveling, how many people are flying with you, and what airports you want to land at.

Companies can give you a list of jets that are suitable for your travel plans, and you’ll be able to choose the perfect one. Don’t wait too long to book your flight because the aircraft you want could be unavailable.

3. Looking for empty leg flights

You don’t need to be rich to travel in the best luxurious jets in the world, but you will need to find empty leg flights. If a private jet is traveling somewhere to pick someone up, it could be flying with no passengers.

Charter companies will give you a wonderful discount if you’re willing to jump on board. I know you won’t have the flexibility to fly anywhere, but it’s an easy way to fly private without eating into your savings.

4. Make sure quotes include extras

Some private jet charter companies will offer better extras than others. In-flight catering will let you feast like a king or queen while flying. Sometimes it’s possible to ask them to serve food from your favorite restaurant.

Will someone pick you up and drive you to the airport? Will you have access to transportation once you land in foreign countries? You’ll need to make sure quotes include extras you want because it’s not always the case.

5. Split costs with other pPeople

Find out if anyone else wants to fly in a private jet before you book a flight. If flying to certain destinations at the right time of year, you’ll probably find other holidaymakers going to those places too.

If you split the bill with a few families, it will save you lots of money. You’ll still get most of the benefits of flying private with others on board. Is absolute privacy worth paying 2-3x as much money?

You won’t regret flying private

Flying on a private jet is an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll probably choose private more often if you have a good income.

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