Do you know the top 5 ways to boost your home’s value?


There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of home improvement projects you can choose from. Some enhance looks while others add value, safety, or comfort to the space. When you want to ramp up the value of your house, it’s smart to look at the top techniques homeowners all over the nation are choosing. Whether your goal is to sell your home quickly or increase its future selling price, the following projects are a good place to begin to boost your home’s value.

Kitchen Renovation

Renovating means much more than upgrading. When you decide to renovate your kitchen, you’ll likely hire professional help and perhaps do some of the work yourself. Most owners find that it’s within their technical reach to install new cabinets and flooring, but more complex jobs like re-wiring and plumbing improvements are best left to experts. Regardless of how the job gets done, a kitchen renovation gives the entire house a fresh look and is one of the most cost-efficient ways to add value to the structure.

Elevator Installation

Home elevators are becoming a popular way of moving between floors of the home. Plus, they’re showing up in new and old houses more often these days. Real estate professionals often talk about the importance of having a unique selling point. The existence of a private elevator is an advantage of having unique features in any room of any residence. From the Canadian home elevator company, these offer an amazing level of comfort, safety, and aesthetics whether they’re installed as an add-on in an existing home or as a built-in feature of a brand-new residence.

Bathroom Upgrades

You can usually do an extensive bathroom upgrade yourself as long as you’re willing to learn a few new skills or are already handy with a tile knife, saw, and basic plumbing fixtures. Some owners choose to hire this job out, but a bathroom upgrade can be the ideal DIY project for summer or winter. A nice-looking, modern bathroom adds instant value and is usually the first place that prospective buyers look after walking through the front door.

Roof Replacement or Repair

To begin this project, you need to have a professional contractor do a complete inspection of the roof. If it’s old enough to warrant replacement, don’t even think about trying to work on it yourself. If you only need a few minor repairs, you can split the chores between a hired roofer and yourself. The inspector will let you know exactly what needs to be done and whether there are any leaks. Take care of the small stuff at once and consider a total replacement if necessary. Either way, getting your roof in top shape is one of the best ways to boost the financial attractiveness of your biggest investment.

HVAC Upgrade

You should hire a professional to do an annual HVAC inspection. If your system is old and needs to be replaced, opt for an energy-efficient system. But if there are still a few years left in the HVAC unit you have, consider asking the inspector about an overhaul efficiency upgrade. It’s possible to add special components to older units and bring down their cost of operation.

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