Everything you need to know About Small Business Security Solutions

Everything about Small Business Security Solutions

Everything you need to know About Small Business Security Solutions – With the global imminent threat on security, having a credible and viable security system set up for your small business is vital in protecting business assets.

Almost $110 million is lost a day due to employee-related crimes in businesses. This number, though alarming is set to rise with a lack of concrete security systems in place.

Small businesses are susceptible to attacks just as much and as frequently as big businesses. Therefore, the security measures being put into place should just be as stringent as ever. Businesses should aim to get the right information and tools needed for their businesses by conducting research and finding out possible loopholes in the company.

Threats can be either internal or external and understanding this is vital in ensuring all-around protection. A robust and integrated security system should aim to offer an all-rounded approach to security solutions, by integrating all the necessary target areas and monitoring them thoroughly.

Why small business security solutions

Businesses looking to incorporate security systems have to consider some factors to determine the right security systems to put in place. Every business needs to get a security system.

Security systems are great during business events and protect high-risk businesses. In such cases, armed security guards are also incorporated to protect against internal or external threats.

Business security guards are also hired for insurance reasons. Construction companies can also benefit from security guards to take care of the construction materials and safeguard the property. Security solutions create a solid defence strategy for any company thus reducing business liability.

Types of security solutions

Several security methods offer an all-rounded approach to any business:

  • Data Recovery

This entails putting measures in place to recover data lost from storage systems either through the man-made era or unforeseen circumstances. This helps trace any footage or important information that may have been lost. Backup and disaster recovery services help keep critical information safe in the event of a network failure.

  • Risk Assessments

Conducting regular assessments on business technology will notify the company if there is a cyber-attack risk. This involves observing the quantitative and qualitative risks to identify the hazards and deciding on control measures.

  • Access control

Small business entrances are protected by access control systems. These electronic solutions allow only registered and authorized people to enter the workplace and limit unauthorized entries. The automated system eliminates the need to manually enter visitor information. In this manner, burglars or intruders are prevented from entering the business premises by deceiving the security guards.

  • Firewalls

This entails providing firewall installation and monitoring services to protect the business from malware and other suspicious network activity.

  • Management of Mobile Devices

Because mobile devices can pose a risk in the workplace, providing mobile management services is essential in any business. This will help mitigate imminent threats and counteract them.

  • Computer Virus Monitoring

Constantly monitoring cyber threats and taking appropriate action when they occur is fundamental in online security.

  • Alarm systems

Small businesses are protected by burglar alarms or intruder alarms from unauthorized entry, burglary, theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. There are a variety of safety alarms available, similar to video surveillance systems, which notify of various activities or events such as break-ins, smoke, fire, and so on.

  • Cyber Security Training

By training employees and making them aware of the risks associated with cybercrime, the business will be able to stop cyber attacks and crimes.

  • Scheduled patrol services

This involves security guards patrolling the business premises, facilitating the armed alarm response, and ensuring 365 round-the-clock surveillance.

  • Remote security monitoring

Allowing the business to use digital security guards’ off-site services not only prevents crimes from occurring but dispatches emergency response when necessary. This, in turn, protects employees and the business inventory, prevents break-ins and property damage, prevents criminal behaviour from occurring, and boosts employee productivity.

Adopting small business security solutions on a budget

Incorporating security solutions doesn’t have to break the bank. There are ways to reduce the cost of security systems by tweaking on a few items to get the security required on a budget:

  • Evaluate the Insurance Policy

When deciding on a budget for video surveillance, consult with your insurance provider to see what you can work with. While each policy is unique, many insurance companies will provide you with a discount if you install video surveillance in your business.

  • Reduce the cost of installation

Consider using IP-enabled security cameras to avoid the cost of hard-wiring altogether. These devices communicate with the cell network and send data to the cloud. They can even be linked to solar panels. This significantly reduces wiring and installation costs. There is also no need to purchase a recording device because all of your videos are stored in the cloud.

  • Virtual Security Guards

If your company currently employs an onsite security guard, you can save money by converting all or a portion of the services to virtual guard services. Instead of physically patrolling your property, these security guards keep an eye on it from a network of monitors. You never have to be concerned about the liability of having a physical guard patrolling your property after hours. You also never have to worry about crime occurring when the guard is not present.

Highly trained Digital Security Guards will monitor your business via security cameras for a fraction of the annual salary of a single guard. The guards are being watched over and kept out of harm’s way. If they notice any activity that is outside of the parameters you have set for them, they will immediately notify law enforcement so that the police can deal with any potential criminal activity at your business.

  • Additional security features

It is important to take note of the additional security features that might be in place but serve no purpose. When cutting costs, only employ the pertinent features that will help the security system achieve its goal. This helps get rid of extras which amp up the budget.

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