How to create business videos in minutes

business videos

Business videos have become an integral part of any company. The majority of thriving companies have business videos these days for a simple reason- customers can have an overall understanding of the company and its vision.

Have you ever entered an office and constantly seen the company video playing in the background on an LCD screen? It is a compelling way of marketing, for often, a few things brought up in the video might remain with the customers and help drive future sales. It also helps create a first-hand impression of the company, an essential tool for customer engagement and connection. These videos also help a company promote its products, display its core values, explain challenging concepts and connect with potential customers.

Although these videos might seem pretty tedious to create, several video makers are available these days, making the process relatively easy. You no longer need to spend a considerable amount of money and time filming them. One can create the finest videos in minutes, thanks to the evolution of technology.

Here is how one can create business videos using any video maker:

1)    Choose a template

Applications serving the purpose of creating business videos are loaded with thousands of templates. You can choose any template suitable as per your need and further customize it. You can add color, customized text, add elements if necessary, etc. In case you can’t find a perfect business template, applications can help you build one from scratch. One doesn’t need to be a skilled designer to create it.

2)    Animate it

If you want your video to have certain characters, you can do that. Most video maker tools give you the option of using animated characters from their custom-built library. But it doesn’t mean you have no free hand over how they look. Depending on your vision, you can change a character’s skin tone, hair color, eyes, and physique. Thus, you can replicate the character you want in real-time. One advantage of using animated characters is establishing a sense of connection with the audience. Having a human explain concepts creates an image of the company in their head, which fosters a sense of relationship with the company.

3)    Add images or videos from the stock library

Hiring a photographer or videographer can be a grueling task every time you update your business video. Not to forget the financial constraints one has, especially when they are a start-up. That is why the majority of the video makers have their library of stock images and videos. They don’t have copyright issues, so one can use them according to their requirements. You can use a compilation of stock images/videos and mix it with your original clippings to make it more authentic. It won’t be the original product or location, but you will be able to convey the message.

4)    Add music

Music sets the tone and mood of any video. Business videos can tend to get a little boring and serious. Music helps engage with the customers and make sure they don’t lose their attention or zone out while viewing the video. Applications have royalty-free music waiting to be used. You can listen to various tracks and embed the one that aligns with your company. Some applications also give the option of using more than one track. Hence, you can use diverse tracks in different video segments if needed.

5)    Add voiceover

You can add human-like and business voiceover immediately to your video with the help of AI. Voiceover helps the customers to make sense of the footage. It assures that the necessary information reaches the customer and can be generated in seconds.

6)    Collaborate with your team

If you want to collaborate with your team while preparing the video, you can do that. You can add team members, brainstorm ideas, take notes where changes are needed, etc. With this, collaborations and edits can be made quickly. It also ensures that your ideation content is in one space and everyone can see the edits made in real-time, reducing the chances of miscommunication.

7)    Add advanced animation

If you want your videos to look highly professional, you can use advanced animation. Usually, these features are available in the pro version of the application, i.e. you might have to pay a certain amount to reap the advantages of these superior quality features. But they can help you add elements and create characters at a button.

8)    Add your brand kit

Once you have made at least one video, you can save the color palette, logos, and information for further usage. This curates your brand essentials in one place for instant future use. When you make another video, you won’t have to go over the process of selecting the brand color, logo, etc., all over again.


Well, crafting a business video is a pretty simple task. It is known that audience engagement with videos is way higher than with pictures, almost 50,000 times more. But only if they actually watch it. If videos exceed the conventional time limit of 2-3 minutes, the chances of people viewing them are pretty low. So to keep the audience engaged, it is essential to create short, crisp videos with a human touch.

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