Ode to Autumn: 4 amazing ideas to make a stunning garden during Fall


Autumn is such a whimsical season that everybody loves. The cold breeze caressing your body, and the falling leaves welcome you at an early morning grind. Usually, most people enjoy the lazy days with the quintessential pairing of a cinnamon-coffee cup and humble pumpkin pie in the house’s garden area—with a delightful scenic view of the autumnal scheme. In this article we will give you some tips on how to make a stunning garden.

Moreover, it’s the best time to boost your garden to make it more captivating to bypassers and neighbours. Not only do you capture their attention, but you also upscale the holistic aesthetic appeal of your home. Indeed, there are plenty of garden aspects that need to be elevated to achieve a stunning garden. Hence, to give you the best upgrades to your garden,  we narrow down the best choice just for you!

1.   Choose the right type of grass for your lawn

Your lawn is one of the limelights in your exterior that people first notice, and typically occupies a vast area in your garden. The verdant lush grasses stretching in your garden amplify the estival ambiance and contribute to proper oxygen-regulation in your space; therefore, choosing the right type of grass for your lawn during the fall season is essential.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This type of grass is one of the appropriate choices for your lawn. The Kentucky Bluegrass can endure frigid conditions considering that the autumn season is followed by winter.

Fine Fescue

This type of grass grows well under the shade of trees. Additionally, what makes it more interesting is that it can be used as a replacement for the barren portion on your lawn since it quickly adapts to any land, unlike any other type of grass.

St. Augustine grass

If you’re looking for the type of grass for your lawn that abides with extreme heat and drought, the St. Augustine Grass is right for you. It also has thick and coarse leaves that can grow on land with sand composition.

2.   Put functional yet stylish furniture in your garden

Style and purpose are the primary considerations you have to contemplate whenever you purchase your garden furniture. You have to ensure that the stuff you will put in your space can be useful for any occasion, such as hosting a garden tea party or regular meals. Hence, we enumerated below the right selections for your garden.

Wooden table set

The wooden table set will never be out of style. This classic-styled furniture is suitable for the exterior settings and complements well with the surrounding. You can either select a wide-rectangular or round table with matching chairs according to your taste.


Like an umbrella, parasols provide shade whenever you want to enjoy the sun’s temperate heat. More than its purpose, there’s also a wide array of parasol designs like Japanese Zen, tropical, Asian, and modern-shaped covering.

3.   Add shrubs to your landscape for a twist

Perhaps, almost everyone prefers their garden landscape filled with flowering plants like roses or sunflowers, disregarding other plants’ beauty like shrubs and bushes. But, did you know that the autumn season intensifies the pigmentation of shrubs? These shrubs display brilliant fall color that creates an integral impact on your landscape.

American Beautyberry

Its leaves turn into golden yellow during the fall season and have a purple berry-like fruit pellet. This shrub prefers shaded areas, and it can tolerate drought.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

This plant’s leaves can reach up to 12 inches in length and have a purple, red, orange, gold, and orange scheme. It mainly thrives in well-composed and slightly acidic soil.


This bush type provides shelter for birds, squirrels, etc. especially that the temperature during fall can go down. It prefers exposure to sunlight, which gradually turns its leaves into yellow, matching the fall’s spectacle.

4.   Accent some types of garden ornaments

Garden ornaments are used to decorate and improve the parks, landscapes, and especially the garden. These things add extra depth to the appearance of the garden. Currently, there are trends for ornamental composition in Japanese, French, and English landscape gardens. Though it might be challenging from the beginning, it’s fulfilling at the end of the day.


Having a fountain as a centerpiece in your garden exudes posh and elegance. Generally, fountains are built to provide water for people and water irrigation during ancient times, but today, it more likely becomes the ultimate design item in the garden.


Statues are an archetype or a realia of a person, animal, or anything you, as an owner, adores. These are sculpted from clays, porcelain, or marble, which create a reflective statement on your style and personality.

Bird baths

This type of ornament sheds water from rain that allows the birds and other laggard animals to bathe and drink. Remember, if you maintain its clean water quantity, there might be plenty of vibrant birds that’ll visit your garden.


In a nutshell, the autumn season provides a soothing and polychromatic scene to the surroundings, which is a perfect time for upgrading your green area into the best garden in the neighbourhood. Please note that there’s no instant in garden designing; it requires time, effort, and investment. Hence, by following the above-mentioned ideas, you can achieve a promising one.

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