5 reasons why Canadians should renovate their basements


Canadian homes were designed with basements because of the harsh climate. Foundations must be buried deep underground to improve the structural integrity of homes. It doesn’t mean you need to leave it sitting empty.

Everyone in Canada with a basement should think about renovating it. There are lots of reasons why it’s in your best interests to carry out the work. Let’s look at some reasons why your neighbors might be doing it.

1. Will basement renovations increase the value of your Home

Guy Solomon says renovating a basement will add value to the home, which is great if you plan on selling it in the future. Someone with a large family will happily pay extra money for a pre-built basement bedroom.

There is only one rule you need to follow when investing in your home; keep costs to a minimum. It will give you the biggest return on investment. If you know some DIY, you could spend a year renovating the basement yourself.

2. Renting your basement to strangers

Penguin Basements can help turn your basement into a small studio fit for a king. New homes keep skyrocketing in price, so it’s hard for people to afford one. Sometimes it’s tough to find an affordable rental property.

Would you let strangers rent your basement? You could put a lock on the main door to ensure they can’t access your house. You’ll enjoy having regular income coming in during these tough times, which will likely get worse.

3. Working from a lovely home office

Did you spend a few years working from your kitchen table during the pandemic? People without an office didn’t have much choice if they were forced to work from home. I bet you didn’t have lots of time to build one.

Everyone should build an office at home because it opens up lots of opportunities. You’ll be able to freelance or grow a business at night. The basement is the ideal place because you’ll have plenty of space.

4. Give children space to have fun

Living in Canada comes with its drawbacks. Your children won’t get to spend too much time outside in winter because it’s cold, which is extremely dangerous. If they play in the house, you can keep them safe.

You will run into difficulties if they play in the living room. It’s too small for kids to do anything fun, and you will never get to watch TV. Give children their own room in the basement if you want lots of peace and quiet.

5. You’ll feel much less cramped

Would you like to live in a mansion with multiple wings? After a while, you’ll realize it’s okay living with less space because there is only so much you need. That doesn’t apply when living in a house with 3/4 bedrooms.

You’ll need to take advantage of the space inside your home to ensure you don’t feel cramped. Opening up the basement is one of the best places to start. Maybe you should think about renovating your attic too.

Some homes don’t have basements

You might not have a basement if you move home in the future, so take advantage of the one you have at the moment. It won’t cost too much if you do some things yourself.

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