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How to choose the best cabinet maker in Canada?

best cabinet maker

There are many things to consider before you decide to hire a cabinet maker for your project. Do you know how to hire a cabinet maker online in Canada? Have you done research on how to find out how to choose the best cabinet maker in Canada?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of a project that a local cabinet making company will charge for a project. First of all, the quality of the product should be taken into consideration as many companies provide low-grade products for a lower cost. Therefore, you need to check many companies’ prices and products to make sure that you compare apple to apple. Next, if the project has a complicated design, most likely the price is going to be higher than standard options on the market because a company will spend more time to manufacture the product. Also, there many materials which are used in this industry, from simple melamine to paint grade options. Because of that factor, the price can vary a lot. For example, an average textured melamine door would cost about $30, while a stained solid oak door would be about $60. Therefore, always keep in mind that nowadays there are unlimited amounts of options available for the products as well as manufacturing quality grades. 

Top of the most common options to hire a cabinet maker 

How do you know how to hire a cabinet maker in Canada? There are a few common options that most people use when they are looking for a cabinet maker to hire:

  1. The best way is to talk to friends and family for recommendations. Get some referrals from people that have completed similar projects. If one of your friends has completed a kitchen remodel, talk to him or her about what they used and how they felt about the results. Most people will not recommend a cabinetry designer or cabinet maker that uses materials that cause serious problems with breathing and structural integrity of the walls and ceilings or did their job poorly or with a long delay.
  2. It is easy to look up the business directory for cabinet-making companies in your area. However, you should be aware that some of these names may simply be listed to advertise their product rather than a reputable cabinetry business. Do not use these names as a reference in your decision because they are only a starting point. You should also ask how long the company has been in business.
  3. And the last common method is just to search through google or any other searching platform. You can use the simplest keyword “cabinet maker near me” to do that.  As in the previous option – you will find the cabinet maker just in a few clicks, but it will be very hard to compare who will be the best performer for you.

The best way to hire a cabinet maker in Canada

As you can see all of the common options that you can use when you’re trying to hire a cabinet maker in Canada are not perfect. So let’s have a look at one of the biggest Canadian performer hiring platforms – Fee4Bee. This service marketplace was created to make your way easier as much as possible when you’re looking to hire a performer. Let’s have a look just at the major benefits that you will get if you’re gonna use Fee4Bee to hire your cabinet maker:

  • There are 7 biggest cities in Canada in the Fee4Bee so you can find a local cabinet maker that is near to your place.
  • Real reviews will help you to see if there are any troubles with the performer you’re going to hire, or everything is fine.
  • Rating will help you to find the best cabinet maker in the list.
  • The counter of completed projects will tell you about the experience of the cabinet maker that you’re going to hire.
  •  The chat can help you to discuss all the details about the project.
  • An advanced payment system will protect your payment until the project is finished and closed by both sides.
  • The platform is absolutely free for the client. Only performers are paying for our services, and only for the finished projects.

Questions that you need to discuss with the cabinet maker before hiring

As it was written above it’s not hard to hire a cabinet maker if you’re using the right tool – Fee4Bee platform. But if you want to be completely satisfied with the result you need to talk about the details of the project:

  1. The first and the simplest advice – do not hurry, Try to talk with a few cabinet makers, get their estimate, compare the prices and other aspects like reviews, ratings, finished projects, etc.
  2. Once you have talked to at least two or three experienced cabinetry designers and you have gathered enough information about them to feel comfortable with them, you can start to choose how you would like your custom cabinets made. Keep in mind that no two customers will choose the same style. In order for you to end up happy with the end result, it is important that you work with a company that is willing to listen to your needs and expectations. This means that they must be willing to take the time to listen to what you have to say about how you envision your finished product.
  3. The first thing that you will want to ask a cabinet maker about is whether or not they offer custom cabinets that are made out of the same wood that you are using. Some people prefer to buy stock cabinets or standard cabinetry because they believe that there is a certain type of wood that works better with certain tasks. While this may be true, there are many different types of woods that work great for cabinet making. There are cherry, maple, oak, birch, pecan, beech, mahogany, cherry, hickory, elm, and even alder. If the cabinet maker you are working with has access to all of the different kinds of woods, they will be able to create custom cabinets out of these materials.
  4. Next, you will want to make sure that they have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of cutting and installing kitchen cabinets. Most people have some idea of how to measure their cabinets, but many do not know how to install them unless they are very experienced. There are many different pieces that go into kitchen cabinetry, including the shelves, doors, hinges, and drawer fronts. These parts of the project can be challenging to install unless the cabinet maker is very familiar with them. They should also have the tools necessary to install your custom kitchen cabinets because they will most likely be very different from your store-bought counterparts. This means that they should use a drill, saw, and even a handsaw to get the job done properly.
  5. Finally, you will want to check to see if the cabinet-making companies you are talking to have good customer service. The last thing you need is for the company to send you supplies and then realize that you are unable to install them or that they send the wrong things. Many of the best cabinet-making companies pride themselves in having excellent customer service, and this should be a high priority because it is important to feel like the company cares about your project more than you care about theirs. If you cannot contact the company after you have hired them, move on to your next choice.

Conclusion – The main benefit of hiring cabinet makers is that they can help you design your dream kitchen. However, you should be prepared to add some extra work to the renovation. Cabinets don’t just fall out of their frames and pop into your remodel – you’ll need to add hinges, drawers, doors, and other features to ensure a good fit. Be sure to check around with several suppliers so that you get the best price and quality. And if you value your time and nerves, use specialized services for hiring performers, one of which is Fee4Bee. They will surely help you hire the best cabinet maker in no time.

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