How to stay on budget in a kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

The decision to remodel a kitchen is a big one. It requires a lot of planning to stay on budget and get everything you want. Before you get started on the remodel, you have to identify the must-haves. This will include the type of flooring you want, specific appliances or a different floor plan. You also have to be clear on how much money you have for the project.

The fear of going over the set budget is a real one. Unfortunately, many homeowners end up spending more money than they planned. To avoid exceeding your budget, this post takes a look at some of the best tips you can use to stay on budget in a kitchen remodel.

Create a practical plan

The type of renovation you want will determine the level of planning that will be needed. Minimal projects that require simple tasks like repainting the cabinets or changing the countertops don’t require as much planning as significant renovations that involve demolition. A major project that requires extending the kitchen will cost more time and money; thus the reason you must plan every detail before you get started.

Part of planning a kitchen remodel involves figuring out what you want to change or add to your kitchen. You need to visualize the space and decide how elements and fixtures will be placed. This has to be done before the demolition work. Remember that buying items as the renovation continues will lead to budgeting problems. Planning everything early and buying everything at once is the key to staying on budget. This is because late purchases lead to issues linked to backorders. If one of the items you need is out of stock, you will have to buy a different one.

The only way to stay within your budget is to be thorough in your planning. Missing tiny details, such as misjudging the cost of nails, can cause problems. Every tiny detail has to be looked at so as not to underestimate your budget.

Account for additional expenses

A common mistake homeowners make when planning a kitchen remodel is planning as if we live in a perfect world. In the real world, things don’t always go as planned. You have to plan for miscellaneous expenses. In addition to the cost of items changing unexpectedly, there are a bunch of other unplanned expenses you have to budget for. Start by considering shipping costs, the cost of waste disposal after demolition and the possible cost of living in a hotel during the renovation period.

kitchen remodel

Make a list of renovation priorities

You will definitely have to cut costs if you are working on a tight budget. That is why one of the most important things to do is make a list of kitchen renovation priorities. Whether it is traditional or custom cabinetry, flooring or appliances, you will need to prioritize various components of your kitchen renovation. Create a list of the essential elements. This will help predict the cost of the renovation better. Another consideration you must make is the functionality of your kitchen and the visual appeal. What is the look you are targeting? This will help pick the right faucets, flooring and other elements.

You need a list of kitchen renovation priorities to know what you cannot do without. This information will come in handy when you want to choose cheaper alternatives to keep the costs low. You also need to refer to your list of priorities when deciding the materials to use.

Refurbish appliances

Cutting costs helps you have more money for other vital elements. One way to keep costs down is by refurbishing some kitchen appliances. Unlike in the past, most high-end kitchen appliances can be revamped and reused. There is also the fact that many municipalities have imposed restrictions that keep homeowners from sending old appliances to landfills.

Most of the old appliances can be refurbished at a small cost. Some of the gadgets you should consider reusing include refrigerators, microwaves, water heaters, dishwashers, garbage disposal and water softener. Reusing these items means you will save money that would otherwise have been used to buy brand-new appliances. You should, however, assess the condition of the appliances. If they are too far gone, you may have to dispose of them to avoid performance issues or high repair costs.

If you cannot reuse an appliance, consider selling or donating it. There are many online platforms that accept old appliance components. The platforms simplify the process of disposing of old appliances.

Use up all the materials

Kitchen remodels lead to a lot of waste materials. Needless to say, these materials can be very expensive to dispose of. Instead of letting the small remaining pieces of waste cost you money to dispose, consider finding ways of reusing them. For example, the granite materials from your old countertop can be turned into amazing cutting boards. Likewise, the wood leftover from the new cabinet installations can create unique rollout inserts.

Refresh rather than replace

A kitchen remodel doesn’t require the use of brand-new items. You can add life to your kitchen with simple changes. For example, buying and installing new cabinets is very expensive. You can avoid those costs by refreshing your old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Updating the hardware and accessories on your cabinets will also give them a new lease on life.  

Keep plumbing where it is

Changing the location of your plumbing fixtures will be very expensive. The task is not only costly but also tedious. It requires tearing down the walls, changing the layout of the kitchen to match the new plumbing installation and much more. You can avoid these costs by using the existing plumbing. This means you don’t interfere with appliances like the sink and dishwasher.

These are the best tips you can apply to stay within your budget in a kitchen remodel. However, keep every receipt to keep track of your expenses and ensure you are on track. Failing to track the costs makes budgeting useless.  

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