Nicholas Kyriacopoulos: Using personal loans for home improvements

home improvements

Home improvement projects can be costly, and tend to carry a lot of individual steps that can accumulate their costs to even higher thresholds than previously expected. Consequently, it can be a challenge for potential homeowners to secure the proper funding to carry out their home improvement projects with as much dedication as they set out to.

Seasoned real estate professionals such as Nicholas Kyriacopoulos who have experience working with financial and real estate markets understand the value of finding the right source of funding to bring your home improvement project to the level of quality it can be. Their knowledge of these industries informs therefore informs their trust in personal loans and their benefits.

What is a personal loan?

In the simplest of terms, a personal loan is a loan given by one party (an individual or an organization) to another party for personal use or for purchases that are classified as personal in nature. Typically, when a personal loan is taken out, it begins to accumulate interest and must be then repaid in a set number of installments to the lender with this additional interest factored in.

While secured loans require collateral in order to be approved, unsecured personal loans are loans given by banks, organizations, or other parties that do not require any collateral to be approved. Most unsecured personal loans are usually approved for Canadians with a good credit history and a steady job, as long as they come to an agreement with the lender regarding the term of the loan and the interest rate.

When it comes to home improvement, personal loans can be given out by banks or credit unions, as well as, in some cases, the same lender as the one that provides you with your mortgage.

Why should you invest in a personal loan?

Nicholas Kyriacopoulos states that there are a number of reasons to invest in a personal loan for your home improvement project. Firstly, the fact that no collateral is required for an unsecured personal loan drastically widens the scope of opportunity for potential borrowers looking to get started on their home improvement project. In addition, however, another major benefit of unsecured personal loans is the fact that they tend to be much more affordable for those that need them, which also works to widen the pool of potential applicants, securing accountability by implementing the policy that a lower credit score means a higher interest rate will be imposed on the loan.

Another major benefit of personal loans for home improvement projects is the fact that they provide very quick access to funding for most applicants, which is much more in line with the needs of homeowners than other types of loans more suited towards businesses or corporations, which are able to take their time and wait much longer periods for a loan.

Securing a personal loan for your home improvement project

Home improvement projects carry a lot of costs, from their inception and planning to the additional costs associated with every step of the process. Factors such as purchasing and renovations can amass large quantities of fees, as well as a multitude of other short and long-term costs.

This is part of the reason why personal loans are great for home improvement projects – they have no strict impositions or limitations on what they must be used for, meaning they are not bound to the exact financial criteria of home repairs or development projects. Any home improvement project, regardless of type or of scope, is applicable for receiving support from a personal loan, making it the perfect choice for prospective borrowers in Canada.

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