Rules for choosing custom kitchen wall cabinets

custom kitchen wall cabinets

Metal cabinet doors and sideboards, which were in fashion recently, are no longer in trend. Although they can become an organic part of the kitchen set, the basis of which is the custom wall cabinets for the kitchen. Now, these are the main elements of a single furniture ensemble in the kitchen.

What should be the wall cabinets?

The working rectangle “stove sink table-top refrigerator” should not be littered with unnecessary items. Therefore, it is very reasonable to use wall-mounted kitchen cabinets – they are an excellent storage place and at the same time do not “steal” valuable square centimeters of the work surface. The durability of custom furniture depends on the quality of the materials chosen for the manufacture and on the assembly, therefore, you should not unreasonably save. In addition to reliability and durability, kitchen wall cabinets should be spacious and easy to use. Custom wall cabinets can be closed, open, or combined cabinets with hinged doors. Modules for kitchen wall cabinets with glass are also very popular, they fulfill not only functional purpose but are also an excellent decorative element in the kitchen.

Design and materials for custom wall cabinets

Custom wall cabinets are based on a frame: side, back, top, and bottom walls. The frames of wall cabinets for the kitchen, usually, are made of chipboard or MDF. The open ends of the slabs are sealed with a metal profile or end tape – this not only improves their appearance but also protects the inside of the slabs from temperature and moisture. As a result, the structure is not deformed or destroyed.

Doors of custom wall cabinets play not only a functional purpose, to cover the inside space, but also an aesthetic one: they form the basis of the visual perception of a kitchen set. Doors that determine the appearance of the cabinets are hinged, sliding, or folding. They are made from different materials:

  • Solid wood,
  • Laminated MDF,
  • Frame MDF profile,
  • Chipboard,
  • Glass.

Wooden custom wall cabinets are very presentable in appearance and impeccable from the point of view of kitchen ecology. However, they are quite whimsical to care for, expensive and heavy. Laminated MDF cabinets also look very stylish. They are popular for their combination of presentability, ease of care, and budget price.

Chipboard custom cabinets are even more affordable, but they are less reliable, more whimsical to maintain, and are not environmentally flawless enough.

Custom wall cabinets made of frame MDF profiles are frames finished with natural veneer or PVC foil. Depending on the manufacturing method, their price and appearance differ. That is, they are applicable in different design styles.

The custom cabinets, which combine MDF and glass, are very interesting. Frosted glass allows you to hide the inner filling of the wall cabinet, which gives the interior a certain mystery. Transparent, however, allows you to demonstrate those elements of kitchen utensils that the owners want to “put on display”, but keep them from dust and moisture. Depending on the model, the interior of the wall cupboards consists of drawers or shelves.

Where to buy custom wall cabinets in Canada?

Since there are a lot of stores and furniture showrooms in Canada, it is difficult to determine which of them offers really high-quality products. We recommend that you focus on their website: not only how wide are the possibilities of modernizing custom wall cabinets, but also the convenience of ordering them. The understandable navigation is also important, it testifies to respect for customers and a high level of service. Some sites, such as, have an online price and cost calculator. That is means that you can calculate not only the price but also the cost of delivery of custom wall cabinets that you need.

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