Top 8 tips for a successful basement remodelling

basement remodelling

Basement remodelling is often preferred by homeowners to increase the value of their home. Also, they go for the basement remodelling project to get extra square footage of functional space. Whether you want to renovate your current basement or desire to renovate an entirely unfinished space, it’s necessary to plan efficiently to get the desired results. For a successful Ajax basement remodelling project, good planning is important. Let’s share some tips for a successful basement remodelling.

  1. Add a family room

Basements are best for casual social gatherings for the entire family, including children. It’s an ideal place for a big TV screen and a pool table. Make this place appealing by decorating and finishing it with eye-catching accessories. Select cozy furniture that is easy to rearrange to entertain a few individuals. Set up internet connections, good lighting, and sound systems to create a functional basement design.

  1. Include a bathroom and bedroom

A bathroom and bedroom can make your basement a perfect place for guests. To conveniently accommodate a double bed, you will require a room with at least 125 square feet space. If you want to place 2 single beds, then you will need 150 square feet space. According to building codes, basement bedrooms must include an emergency exit, either through a window or a door.

  1. Add a laundry room or a mini kitchen

A mini kitchen can make your basement ideal for entertainment purposes. You can transform your basement into a whole guestroom by adding a mini kitchen, bath, and bedroom. A kitchen needs both cold and hot water, in addition to electrical outlets, countertop appliances, dishwasher, and a microwave oven. It is also good to add a laundry room.

  1. Plan for doors and windows

Adding doors and windows in your basement will provide good ventilation and natural light. Make sure you look for the Basementscanada guide before taking the purchase decision.

  1. Design a secure and appealing staircase

A basement already includes a staircase, but when you are pursuing basement remodelling, make sure it meets building codes and look attractive. Try placing the staircase in a convenient place. You can also contact an architect to help you design a beautiful staircase.

  1. Finish basement walls

Foundation walls of the basement are often constructed with stacked concrete or poured concrete block, materials that give your basement the feeling of a secondary place. To make your basement a primary space, use your favourite materials to cover the concrete like drywall, paneling, plywood, or paint.

  1. Finish ceilings

There are three main basement ceiling choices when remodelling the space. Cover the pipes, ductwork, and joists with panelling or drywall, hide each thing with a drop or suspended ceiling, or leave all things exposed and apply a paint.

  1. Select comfortable flooring

There are lots of choices when it comes to concrete basement floor as concrete can accept vinyl, tile, carpet, and laminate. Solid wood floor is not suggested for below-grade installations because it shrinks and enlarges, causing warping or gaps.

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