Top 6 ways to look for the best real estate recruiter for your company


Hiring talented real estate professionals is a crucial aspect of a real estate brokerage’s success. However, not all companies have the necessary resources for recruiting agents, brokers, and other members of their team. In particular, their HR departments may not have enough manpower and time to focus on recruitment.

This is where real estate recruiters can do your company a lot of good. First and foremost, it’s literally the job of recruiters to find the best candidates for your brokerage. This means you’ll have an easier time filling the most crucial positions. With the help of recruiters, your real estate company can maintain productivity and accelerate growth (this article goes into more detail about the latter:

Considering the above-mentioned reasons, it’s easy to see why you need to hire a real estate recruiter. The only question that remains is how and where to find the best one for your company. Here are a few tips:

Ask your network

When looking for a recruiter, start your search internally. It’s highly likely that a few of your employees have worked with a recruiter before, particularly the managers and executives. In fact, it’s common for experienced professionals, in real estate or otherwise, to know a couple of recruiters or recruitment companies.

Consider asking the people you know within the industry as well, if they can recommend a good recruiter. Ask your friends in other real estate companies if they know if their employers use a recruiting firm and which one it is. You may also want to let your network know that you’re looking for a recruitment company, so that they may pass along the word.

Look for the right ones

There are recruiting firms that cater to multiple industries, while there are those that focus on just one or two. Obviously, you should go for those with experience in recruiting for real estate. It doesn’t matter if they are multi-industry or have limited coverage. The more important factor is that they know the finer points of finding and recruiting in real estate professionals.

Another detail you should look at closely is the recruiter’s connections. A well-connected recruiting company means they’ll likely be faster in finding candidates (although do note that it’s not always the case). Finally, it’s usually best to go for a local company so you can leverage their knowledge of the neighbourhoods.

Check recruiter directories

If you aren’t aware, most local libraries have recruiter directories you can access for free. There are also websites like,, and where you can simply type your queries and input a few details to get matching results. There are some websites that require a fee or membership before you can use them, so take note of these if you have a limited budget. The advantage of fee-based directories, however, is that you get more up-to-date information and more refined search options.

Visit career networking sites

There are plenty of career networking sites you can visit to find talented recruiters. LinkedIn is a popular platform, as well as message boards dedicated to real estate topics. You may also want to check websites hosted by real estate organizations or groups, particularly those that often host events.

What’s great about career networking sites is that the people there are there for one reason: to get to know more professionals in their field. This means that there’s less clutter to sift through, unlike other sites where you have to compete with a variety of messages.

Attend industry events

There are various kinds of real estate industry events, such as conferences, trade shows, and networking parties. Be present at these events as much as you can because chances are, recruiters will also be there. This is especially true for events focused solely on networking, since real estate professionals who are actively looking for jobs are also likely to be in attendance.

Make sure to bring a lot of business cards to distribute among the attendees. Take note of the recruiters at the event and make it a point to hand your card to them. Don’t forget to get theirs, of course! You can build a small directory of recruiters for your own use after attending a few events.

Be a resource for them

There will come a time when a recruiter will get in touch with you without prompting. The most common reason for this is when they are conducting background checks and researching a candidate. When this happens, become a reliable resource for recruiters. Be friendly, thoughtful, and thorough. Doing so will make it easier for them to remember you once you get in touch with them. They might even approach you first and offer their services.

The bottomline is that in the world of business, there will always be an expert that will cater to your specific needs. In the case of looking for and hiring top talent for your agency, there are real estate recruiters for the job. If you want the best results, then it’s a good idea to leave this job to the experts.

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