How the pandemic struck sectors boom post COVID-19?


COVID 19, a pandemic that bought the entire world to a halt in the year 2020 has changed the lives of many. A lot of people around the world have faced their professional and personal lives taking a huge turn. When it concerns the economy, there have been sectors that have been hit majorly due to the pandemic situation. But, they are adapting different ways by which they cope and rejuvenate. Some creativity and sustainable decision making are playing a key role here. 

  • Workspaces and real estate

A lot of workspace providing companies have been hit majorly due to the pandemic. Companies around the world have tried and adopted major work from home methods despite not having tried it before. A lot of new tools for communication have fostered work from home norms. As social distancing has become a must to follow, a lot of companies have decided to give up on the lease of the workspaces and real estate. The workspace industry now looks forward to developing excellent workspaces within the cramped spaces for one’s home. The interior designing ideas for home workspace are much in demand. The real estate developers have devised strategies to focus more on developing residential complexes rather than just commercial complexes. 

  • Hotel industry 

A lot of branded and top hotels across many places in the world have tied up with the government to serve as centres of quarantine for the foreign guest. The staff workers at the hotel are trained much to handle the asymptomatic patients. The government is paying these hotels which are deriving their major source of revenue as the travel industry has been hit majorly during this pandemic.  

  • Education industry 

A lot of schools are having a tough time dealing with the students. However, the parents wouldn’t decide to drop out of school for a year or so. These schools have tied up with Edu-tech industries to make efficient use of the tech platform to deliver content to the students using the internet as a medium. A lot of teachers have been trained to use group call apps like Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, etc in conducting the classes. 

  • Self-care and Parlours 

A lot of salons, parlours and especially the makeup industry have been hit majorly. As people are seen sporting masks wherever they go, the need for makeup has gone down significantly. These self-care industries have started offering doorstep services and also selling their products online. People would like to pamper themselves in difficult times like pandemic. But, the makeup products would get a boost in sales only when wearing masks is no more a norm. Some industries are still blooming like online food delivery apps, vape store, or medical businesses. 

Some industries like travel can’t make any money unless or until the international borders are opened. A lot of kiosks set up near the sightseeing locales of the prominent tourist places across the world have lost their income. Ultimately, one can see that keeping yourself entertained is much necessary to remove all the chaos that surrounds them. 

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