5 Not-so-obvious ways to avoid common car accidents

car accidents

The average driver is involved in a car accident every 18 years, so you could get into four car accidents throughout your life. Do everything possible to avoid becoming a statistic, or you could get seriously hurt.

Great drivers usually crash cars due to silly mistakes, so we’ll look at a few not-so-obvious ways to escape the same fate. Distracted drivers cause the most accidents, but I’m sure you focus on the road while driving.

car accidents

1. Slamming Your Foot On The Brake

You won’t smash into cars if you keep your distance behind them. You’ll probably remember to leave longer distances between vehicles when it’s raining. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee other cars will do the same.

It’s why you should always drive carefully when someone is behind you. Don’t get into situations where you’ll need to slam your foot on the brake. Unless you’re careful, you might need to call a personal injury lawyer.

2. Avoid Parking Near Intersections

There are things you can do to prevent someone from smashing into your car when it’s parked. Keeping it away from other vehicles is the obvious one. Your main worry should be getting hit while sitting in a parked car.

Keep your vehicle away from areas where drivers are forced to perform tight turns and don’t park anywhere near intersections. It’s never a good idea to park where several roads come together because it’s always busy.

3. No Hydroplaning On Flooded Roads

Don’t get into a situation where you lose 100% control of your car. Hydroplaning is easy to avoid if you don’t drive over the speed limit, but you’ll also need to slow down when approaching puddles and navigate around them if possible.

Your tires should always be sitting at the correct pressure, and don’t use cruise control if it’s wet. Once your tires lose contact with the road, you can only pray your car doesn’t end up crashing into a field.

4. Practice How To Drive Defensively

The best way to avoid crashing into other cars at intersections is by driving defensively, which takes practice. Wait a few seconds when lights turn green to ensure nobody will drive straight into you.

Assume drivers will keep driving until the last second when lights turn red. Driving defensively means journeys will take longer, but you won’t need to call personal injury lawyers regularly.

5. Backing Out As Slowly As Possible

There are a couple of reasons why drivers get involved in backing collisions. Drivers can cause accidents themselves because they’re unskilled, but it’s easy to eliminate these crashes with enough practice.

Always move slowly when backing out onto a road, and stop if you see someone flying towards you. It will give distracted drivers enough time to see you. Pay extra attention in places with lots of cars flying past.

It’s only a matter of time

It’s only a matter of time before you get into an accident unless you follow the advice we’ve talked about today. There are far too many horrible drivers on the road no matter where you go.

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