5 virtual tools for Real Estate Agents to continue business from home

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Virtual tools for Real Estate Agents – The coronavirus pandemic came as a shock. A few months ago, you would probably be having lunch with your colleagues, discussing how best to handle a new client’s open house event. Now, you might be reading this article while on your couch with a cup of coffee in one hand.

Not so long ago, the idea of perpetually working from home for extended periods seemed impossible. Now, it is the norm. Adapt or become irrelevant are your two options. With this in mind, we have sorted out 5 best virtual real estate tools for real estate agents in Canada.

1.    Virtual Home Showing: Matterport

Physical distancing has become the new normal. In effect, it goes against everything an ‘open house’ listings are known for. Worried about how to give a proper viewing of your home listings? Use Matterport.

With Matterport, you can successfully create a “digital twin” of a home. From this, clients can do a virtual walkthrough of the home in 3D. This 3D format of the house can be shared through social media, email, or even shown on your real estate website. In summary, having an interactive 3D replica of your listing can keep your leads engaged.

2.   Real Estate Lead Generation: Lead Hornet

With the real estate market down, maintaining a consistent flow of leads, and managing your reputation online might be a difficult task. After all, real estate was one of the hardest-hit industries by the pandemic here in Canada.

With virtual lead tools such as that provided by LeadHornet, you can easily continue to generate real estate leads in Canada.With them, you can manage and monitor your lead funnel. Through their expertise, they can help you run an effective marketing campaign for obtaining leads.

3.   Virtual Signatures: DocuSign

Sliding a pen and paper across the table is something we are used to as a real estate agent. However, now, your clients are staying at home due to the lockdown related to Covid 19. تحويل PDF

But this doesn’t change the fact that you still need to constantly take signatures from clients. However, with DocuSign, you can seal that deal without meeting in person.

DocuSign allows you to create Word or PDF documents that needs to be signed. Also, markers can be placed on the document to make sure signatures are entered in the right places. Once the document is set up, it can then be emailed to everyone that needs to sign.

Every document is issued a ‘certification of completion’. As a result, this asserts that the right people have signed. You can also have peace of mind as virtual signatures are legal in Canada.

4.   Mortgage Calculators: WOWA Financial Planning Tools

As a real estate agent, the need for a virtual calculator cannot be undermined. A mortgage calculator would help you determine the financial implication of decisions to be made in a mortgage financing arrangement.

WOWA’s mortgage payment calculator provides you with everything you need to know about mortgage payments: from regular monthly or bi-weekly payments to CMHC default insurance amount and lots more. Also WOWA mortgage affordability calculator can help you to understand how much mortgage your client can afford according to CMHC and Canadian Banks.    

5.     Billing: Interac, Stripe, PayPal

Just like any other business, a transaction needs to take place to process payment for your goods/services. But, how do you do so virtually? Although you might be unable to meet clients in person and exchange checks, there are still many options you can choose from. They include:

Interac: Our mobile phones and emails can be associated with our banking information. Interac capitalizes on this fact, allowing funds to be transferred via a recipient’s mobile number or email. It is already an accepted transfer route here in Canada.

Some of the other popular platforms are Stripe and PayPal for billing clients.


To summarize, adaptability is the key as the post-pandemic world becomes more technologically inclined. Real estate, like any industry post Covid19, will come to a new normal. Get a head start over your competitors by using these tools provided here.

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