9 awesome CBD food art ideas for 2020


9 awesome CBD food art ideas – Food art can be quite extravagant these days – and now that the CBD trend has caught on, we’re seeing CBD-infused food and drink become art of its own. Take a look at all these products you can use to create your own food art.

CBD Cocktails
9 awesome CBD food art ideas including cocktails

1. CBD Cocktails

If you’re in the Miami area, take a second to check out the restaurant, Plant. There, they have a drink on the menu called Plant Medicine. It’s made with dark rum, fresh pineapple, coconut milk, lemongrass, and clove. It sells for $20. They expect to be adding a series of CBD-infused dishes to their menu soon.

Several other bars in big cities like New York and Charlotte are experimenting with CBD in their cocktails. As more catch on, you can expect the trend to go nationwide. However, because of the cost associated with quality CBD oil, you should expect the price tag on these drinks to be a bit higher.

If you want to make your own CBD cocktails at home, we suggest starting with a basic recipe for your favourite mixed drink, then adding a very small amount of a CBD tincture to it. For best results, use a flavoured tincture that has a profile similar to the drink you’re making, such as a mint tincture for a mint julep.

If you want to make a virgin cocktail, you can purchase slushy syrups to create various flavoured concoctions where you control the amount of CBD in each drink.

CBD Breakfast Cereal
9 awesome CBD food art ideas including munchies

2. CBD Breakfast Cereal

Love those fruit-flavored poofs, but want something with a little extra? You can now eat them for breakfast with a “kick.”

The kick, of course, comes from CBD, but you’ll find this cereal to be quite expensive compared to the standard stuff. A single bag, with 100 mg of CBD, will set you back $28 – and we’re not sure how many servings are in each.

3. CBD Coffee

Many coffee shops are starting to offer CBD infused coffee, but if you want to make it at home, you can buy it and brew it yourself. Available as loose grounds for a standard coffee maker, or in cups for single-serve style brewers, you can find what works best for you. There are also numerous strengths available, depending on the brand. You may also find a variety of flavours, so you can add more to your coffee without worrying about creamers or syrups.

CBD Sparkling Water

4. CBD Sparkling Water

La Croix, Bubly, and now, Recess. Recess is sparkling water that’s infused with hemp extract and adaptogens so you can wake up without feeling wired. Right now, Recess is available in three flavours: Peach Ginger, Pomegranate Hibiscus, and Blackberry Chai. You can grab a sampler pack to try all three flavours. Each flavour has no more than 25 calories per can.

If those flavours don’t sound like they’d be up your alley, you can also try Sweet Reason. Each bottle is made with seven grams of CBD extracted from hemp. It’s enough to help you keep a healthy balanced lifestyle, but still allow you to drink multiples every day if you wish. Flavours are grapefruit, cucumber mint, and strawberry lavender.

5. CBD Pet Water

Because our pets need water and aren’t as into the sparkling water trend as we are, the American Premium Water Corporation is launching a CBD pet water. The THC-free cannabinoid offers benefits to our furry four-legged friends, too. It’s particularly useful to treat pain, address seizures, and reduce anxiety.


6. CBD Tea

Matcha has been its own long-standing food trend for a while now, and now, the two come together with products from CBD Living.

The loose leaf tea is also available in other flavours, including passion green tea, mango herbal tea, berry black tea, chai turmeric tea, and coconut herbal tea. Each tea is made with 150 mg of CBD, which translates to 7.5 mg per serving. The tea is great for both hot and cold drinks.

CBD-Infused Honey

7. CBD-Infused Honey

This is the perfect addition to your tea or peanut butter sandwiches. Each jar contains 250 milligrams of the best CBD oil and offers a tasty alternative to pills or tinctures.

Beyond the original flavour, you can also find pink lemonade, apple, orange, cherry, watermelon, banana, sour grape, strawberry, peach, blueberry, and blue raspberry.

8. CBD Cookies, Cakes, and Pies

Baking cookies is all kinds of fun, but we’ve all eaten the raw cookie dough even though we know we’re not supposed to. Now, thanks to Good Bites, you can get raw cookie dough bites, and each “bite” has 25 mg of CBD.

Love cake pops? You can find cake pops made with vanilla cream covered in chocolate cookie down, covered in icing and sprinkles. Each of them contains 30 milligrams of CBD.

Can’t get enough chocolate? Try chocolate nibs infused with CBD. Available in chocolate, strawberry, grape, and banana flavours.

CBD Popcorn, Crackers and Chips

9. CBD Popcorn, Crackers and Chips

If you love popcorn but want to try a little something new, Diamond CBD makes CBD infused popcorn with 100 mg in the full container. Flavors include white cheddar, garlic parmesan, movie theatre, caramel corn, ranch, sea salt, spicy, sweet and salty, and a lower-calorie “skinny” option.

Love spicy Cheeto snacks? Well, now you can get flaming hot Weetos. They’re virtually the same as the hot cheesy poof snack, but each bag has 100 mg of CBD.

All of these premade products are a great way to include more CBD in your life – along with our CBD gummies. But if you’re feeling rather adventurous, you can learn how to make your own CBD edibles, using a high-quality CBD oil as a recipe ingredient.

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