Aging Well: The Benefits of an Active Social Life for Older Adults

aging well

Humans are social creatures, and that applies to people of all ages. When we’re very young, we play with kids in the neighbourhood or with classmates. As the years go by, people need to actively keep up their relationships and carve time out of their schedule for their social life.

Let’s take a closer look at why an active social life is so vital as we get older and how retirement communities can foster them effectively.

Local Community Matters

When you have strong connections to your local community, you’ll feel attached to your neighbourhood in a way that’s hard to put into words but feels fantastic. Nobody should have to fly or even drive long distances to connect with friends or loved ones.

Older adults in retirement communities appreciate having like-minded neighbours in a warm and supportive environment to play games with and indulge in activities. Even basic things like sharing meals are crucial.

Breaking bread is a cultural foundation worldwide. Sharing in daily rituals is something you can only do with people who live around you, and it’s crucial to maintain as we get older. Having important people to see and things to do within a walking distance is what local community is all about.

Older Adults Need People

Humans are social creatures who thrive on company. Older adults love seeing their children and grandchildren, and new friends they make along the way that become like family.

The leading retirement homes in Ottawa promote bonding and friendship in various ways, from competitive games to activities that push your boundaries and teach you new skills. Caring, qualified staff are there 24/7 to ensure you have your needs taken care of.

However, like anybody, older adults need friends for many reasons. From somebody to share a joke or good news with to a confidant, friends are essential to well-being.

Staying Active

Keeping an active social life can also help older adults stay physically active. Some people love going out for a solo walk to clear their minds or get their legs moving, but eventually, everybody needs company!

Whether you’re going out for a stroll or playing billiards or bocce, the leading retirement communities make it easy to keep active and engaged. Low-stress activities that don’t wear out the joints are ideal for older adults.

Some retirement communities even have active video games, like Wii bowling! You can enjoy all the satisfaction of bowling a strike without having to lift a heavy ball or risk pulling a muscle. Wii video games have been embraced by many older adults, even Queen Elizabeth. Even if your Nintendo Wii isn’t gold-plated, it’s still the perfect thing to keep you active and entertained.

Humans have an innate need to be with other people, and this never changes. Older adults understand their own social needs intimately. Moving to a retirement community is one of the easiest ways for older adults to embrace a truly active social life.

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