Are generic drugs safe?


Taking medication to treat a health problem is essential if your doctor prescribed it, but are generic drugs safe?

If you’re wondering about this, you should learn the differences between name-brand and generic drugs. Once you learn the differences, you can make an informed decision that is best for you.

Here is a guide to help you understand the differences between brand-name vs. generic drugs to help you decide which type to take.

The ingredients in the drugs

One of the most critical things to understand about generic drugs is that they contain the same ingredients as brand name medications.

The ingredients and concentrations of the ingredients in the drugs make the medications effective to use to treat specific health issues.

If you compare the ingredient list and their levels in generic vs. name-brand medicines, you will see that they are the same.

The same chemical makeup in each type of drug means that they both work precisely the same. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you choose generic or name brand medicine. They will both work the same way and provide the same results.

The reasons for the price differences

There is one primary reason that there is such a big difference in cost between generic and brand name drugs.

Drug manufacturers make name-brand products. To do this, though, they must invest a lot of money into the necessary research of the drugs. This research is costly, and they pay for the costs by charging a lot of money for the drugs.

After some point in time, the trademark expires for brand-name medications. When this occurs, pharmaceutical companies make generic brands. These companies do not have to research anything or invest any money into the process.

They simply copy the name-brand product by using the same ingredients to make a generic medication that has the same makeup as the name-brand product.

The look of the drugs

The next thing to compare is the look of the drugs. If you place a brand-name pill next to the generic pill form, they will not look the same. Trademark laws prohibit companies from making generic pills identical to the name-brand types.

The availability of generic and brand name drugs

You should always take the medication your doctor prescribes, but you can choose whether you purchase the generic or name-brand product. In most cases, you can find both the generic and name-brand options for any drug you need.

You can even shop online for the medications you need by checking out

One last thing to know is that pharmaceutical companies have protection over the name-brand medications they create through the trademarks they purchase.

The result of this is that companies must typically wait 20 years before making generic versions of these drugs. Therefore, if there is a medication that does not have a generic version yet, it is probably due to trademark laws.

Why taking generic drugs is the best option for most situations

As you see, using generic drugs offers the same results as brand-name products, expect you pay less for them.

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