Best multiplayer iOS games


Mobile gaming is now massive and there are games to suit every taste. While some prefer to play by themselves, there are also many who prefer to take on their fellow man as they fight for victory. Let’s take a look at some of the best multiplayer iOS games you can try.


One of the most popular casino games of all time is roulette. Head to any casino and it is not surprising to see a group of people gathered around a roulette table having a good time. Therefore, you can find a massive amount of roulette games to play on your phone. This will allow you to experience all the fun of a real casino roulette game without ever having to leave your house. Who knows, the right roulette app may even let you set up a custom mode, perfect for parties with your friends!

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a casino game with a difference. Anyone familiar with slots might think that they are just playing against the computer. However, games like Mega Moolah are progressive jackpots. Everyone who logs on to play this style of the game is contributing to the final winnable jackpot. A game like Mega Moolah can offer players a truly life-changing win, and it is a game often featured at many a top-quality online casino. If you are searching for a casino game with a fun flair, try Mega Moolah next!


Another immensely popular game is blackjack. This casino game is popular as there is some skill to it and players love to learn it to test themselves and try new strategies. Playing on an app allows you to familiarise yourself with the game long before you decide to step into a casino for the first time. With so many ways to play this simple game, being able to pull up an app on your phone is super-convenient.

Final Thoughts

With 51% of the global games market generated by mobile gaming, it is clear that more people than ever are choosing to game through mobile devices. Whether you are searching for a game you can play on the go or a way to enjoy your favourite titles without firing up a computer or gaming console, there will be something out there for you to enjoy. Take a look at what the wonderful world of mobile gaming can offer you now, and find that first fun game.


What games can you play against each other on iPhone?

There are many games you can play against each other on iPhone, from games you play with friends over the internet to games you can play with friends in a group setting.

What are good multiplayer apps?

A good app will have lots of positive reviews and a high number of downloads, if the app store allows you to view that statistic.

How do you play multiplayer on iPhone?

To play multiplayer games on an iPhone, you need the game’s app and an internet connection through Wi-Fi or data.

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