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Best shampoo bar natural organic – Testimonial from a customer 2 months later

Setting: Guelph university. Fair November Craft Show, November 2019

I had the good fortune of browsing through your vendor table at Fair November at the University of Guelph, and I am so thankful. I cannot express how much this shampoo bar has made a difference for me. I have psoriasis, particularly badly on my scalp. It got to the point where it was cracking and bleeding and nothing was helping. I had tried medications, medicated shampoos, creams, and pretty much anything I could get my hands on and I had only been able to reduce it to a “manageable” level. I used the Shampoo Bar ESP once and I literally cried because of how much of a difference it made; almost all of the flakes and scaling were gone. I came back the next day and bought 4 bars, and showed the vendor the before and after picture, and I promised I would write a review! I have to say, it’s been just over a month now and my scalp has cleared up almost completely, even though the dry winter weather typically makes flare ups worse. I cannot thank you enough for this product, it has truly made all the difference for me!

Shampoo bar natural organic

We have been making shampoo bars for well over 12 years.  It has taken some time for them to be discovered.  We are patient.  We knew you would finally come around to the idea of a bar, instead of liquid.  We knew you would eventually realize that the commercial shampoos many of us grew up with were and are NOT good for us.  Time.  Education. Internet. Google. We are becoming more aware. Smarter. Better informed. We question. We are cognizant of how powerful advertising is and how easily we can be duped.

A few weeks ago, we received yet another testimonial

Earth to Body Regular Shampoo Bar

I love this product. I have tried everything out there available for psoriasis from natural products to Doctor prescribed. The soap bar is the best I have found to stop the itching and takes the redness out. I also carry a bar in my purse and when my psoriasis starts to itch I rub it on dry. I also use it as shampoo, takes away the itch and I find I don’t have the frizzes, hair is more manageable. Thank you for a great product.

Have you made the switch yet, from commercial liquid shampoo to a shampoo bar?  The bar may be a trend, but it is not new.   Natural shampoo bars are the way it used to be, when people were really clean and had lots of hair. They did not have itchy scalps and redness and irritations on the base of the neck, eyelids, foreheads. It is a wise consideration.

Not all shampoo bars are made equal. Some are simply the liquid chemical version solidified and still contain the undesirables we so often talk about. You want to make sure it is all natural. Handmade is still the best, from a reliable soap maker. Like us.

A while back I wrote an article on our shampoo bars. A one stop shop and all over body great experience. 


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