Blackjack strategies you have to try

Blackjack strategies

Blackjack strategies requires players to be mentally sharp. This means you need to focus and have great knowledge of the game. By considering the factors you need to take a look at, such as the strategies, you’ll have a fun experience by enjoying the rewards that you can get.

It is a game of chance, this means you cannot determine what cards you will be dealt. Therefore, there are specific strategies that can help reduce the house edge and the dealer’s edge relative to the player. As a result, even the most skilful or well-considered strategy may only marginally increase your chances.

The challenge of finding a blackjack strategy that suits your needs as a player can sometimes be difficult. Here are some strategies you need to try when playing blackjack:

Edward Thorp’s strategy

Developed by Edward Thorp, a famed mathematician, this blackjack strategy proves that the house edge can be overcome through card counting. Considered the most basic but effective strategy, the concept is to keep count of the cards in play. By doing so, players can assess whether to hit, stand, double or split. Though this does not assure a sure win for you, it serves more as an indicator that allows you to minimise losses and maximize winning potential.

Thorp’s strategy turns a game of chance into a game of counting. Therefore, it is a strategy that requires great focus and mathematical abilities. If you are great at both, then this might be for you.

1-3-2-6 blackjack strategy

The 1-3-2-6 strategy is a safe progressive method for players who aren’t quite ready to spend big. It is suitable for all players, beginner or pro, because of its simplicity. The framework and concept of the strategy allow players to win decent profit without having to spend tons of money.

This strategy capitalises on winning streaks. When you hit the numbers in the strategy’s name, this is an indicator of how you should bet on the game. This betting system works by repeatedly betting on 1,3,2 and 6 units in each consecutive round. Your first losing hand should be the one that ends this strategy while the first winning starts the sequence.

Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is for bettors who are ready to win and lose big. This aggressive type of betting requires you to double the bets every time you lose. The main idea is to keep going despite losing money as one win will get your money back. This requires a deep bank account that is able to withstand the 10 losses in a row.

Though this strategy isn’t quite for beginners, if you are a high roller, you can take this risk and maximize your potential of winning big. It is a great reminder to bet responsibly when attempting the Martingale strategy.

Conservative strategy

This strategy is recommended to players who aren’t quite ready to spend and roll big just yet. Rolling big when you are not ready to do so risks getting the opposite of what you want. By following this strategy you can minimise losses.

The main idea of this blackjack strategy is to only double or increase your bets when you win, opposite to the Martingale strategy. Since there is no definite pattern when playing these kinds of games, you should increase the stakes only when things go well. Go back to your original bet when you lose a round.

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