Can a common man earn money from Instagram?


Often when we think of making money on Instagram, we limit our thinking to celebrities who have massive followers. We think of celebrities and marketers as the only people who can steer their marketing campaigns and earn money from Instagram.

This, however, is usually not the case, you don’t need massive followers to make money on Instagram, but of course, you need a considerable following to get things moving. If you are interested in making money on Instagram but have no large following, Now the question arises, How to make money on Instagram? here are few tricks on how as a common man you can make a few cents on Instagram.

Start selling affiliates and earn money from Instagram

All that matters are not numbers but rather how engaged your followers are. So, if you have and an engaged small group of followers start selling affiliates. You don’t need much all that that you need is partnering with the selling brand and you good to go. Remember, unlike an influencer who create brand awareness you will be selling and make gains through commissions from your conversions.

Start selling photos or virtual products 

If you are good at content creation then you can make a killing out of it. Most of the marketers out there need unique and engaging content for their campaigns but lack the time to create such content. You can take advantage of this and start selling to them. To make most out of the sale charge the content according to the number of engagements it makes.

Make money by generating leads for marketers. 

Besides affiliate marketing, you can generate leads for marketers through drop shipping. Drop shipping usually involves running a store with having an inventory. Here you sell a company’s products and the selling company or supplier does the shipping of the products. To start a drop shipping business, all you need to do is set up a drop shipping store and you good to go. InternetMarketingRocks provides a unique oportunity for Instagrammers to grow organically and become an influencer so you can earn more money.

Sell your Instagram account. 

You can also make money on Instagram by selling your account to marketers who will want to use it to market their products. This works best for short time marketers who want to make a prompt market impact or entry.

Offer a paid service. 

If you have a reasonable following on Insta, then you can start offering services at a fee. There are many forms of services that you offer, this could include showcasing your talent, offering online lessons such as dancing lessons, and more.

Offer Instagram tutorials. 

If you knowledgeable in a specific area make an opportune sharing the knowledge you have with other Instagrammers. You can offer to share knowledge in several fields including with newbies who want to make it out on Instagram. The fields can expand to include areas of academia and more. 

There is more to do Instagram and make money as you can see you don’t to be a celebrity to make it on Instagram. Twist around what you already have and make it earn you some pennies on Instagram.

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