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Can CBD improve your health?


CBD, or cannabidiol, is picking up traction as a natural remedy in the healthcare industry. Claims have been made about the extract’s health benefits ranging from reducing stress to curing insomnia. But what exactly is CBD, and can CBD improve your health? Keep reading to discover more about CBD and what it can do to improve your lifestyle.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural extract from the cannabis plant. Despite its origins, CBD causes no feeling of intoxication. Most of the CBD in the world is extracted from hemp, which is a term used to describe any strain of cannabis that does not contain THC. That’s the substance responsible for causing intoxication in those who smoke marijuana.

Today, CBD can be found in skin care products, shampoos, and nutritional supplements. It can even be bought in the form of gummies.

What health benefits does it provide?

Some research and articles treat CBD as a cure-all, but unfortunately, more research is needed before it can be marketed as a treatment for every ailment. However, there are plenty of benefits that have been demonstrated. The “top three,” so-to-speak, are reducing stress, relieving pain, and treating skin conditions like acne.

Less stress, more time for success

Because CBD is a natural extract of a plant, it is filled with antioxidants that can provide benefits like anxiety and stress relief. CBD can help you relax without taking strong medications. It works by regulating the body’s stress response process; you might still feel some stress, but CBD keeps the body from feeling vicious spikes of anxiety.

Throw the phrase “No Pain, No Gain” out the window

CBD works with the receptors in your brain to affect how much pain your body feels. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD provide relief to receptors that are overactive, which means that CBD can naturally reduce pain. In addition to being used for everyday pain relief, some people use it to treat chronic conditions too, like arthritis and chronic back pain. And it can be used to reduce the pain caused by intense exercise.

Forget traditional acne treatments

Have you heard of Salicylic Acid? Before you go out and purchase an acne treatment product, especially ones meant to target acute breakouts, read the label. Almost all of them contain Salicylic Acid, which, while effective, is still a type of chemical that you can avoid by using CBD-based products instead. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the appearance of acne and can keep pores from filling up with as much dirt and oil. 

Now that you know more about CBD and how it can help improve your health and lifestyle, it’s time to add CBD-infused products to your shopping list. Before you pick up the closest bottle of supplemental pills, though, be sure to read the label – look for full-spectrum CBD products, as those are usually the healthiest. For more information and to find examples of how CBD helps people around the world, check out Cibdol.com.

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