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Getting right profiles when a few vacancies are disclosed but it makes the job of HR tougher as every candidate may not possess the required quality and in such situation the role of HR becomes tough as one has to check lots of bio data and take interview of many individuals. However, despite of such an exercise one may not get to know the attributes of the candidate and hence there are high chances of getting wrong people selected.

The online psychometric test can prove as a viable option in such situation which can help the user to get information about the attributes in an individual. It is a test where the candidate needs to answer a few question in the test which are asked as a part of the test by the experts and help him to get certain score. On the basis of this score only the further process or recruitment is made possible. This test is easy to understand answer by the candidates. However, the questions asked in the test are such that can help one get to know the nature of the candidate or his decision making skills which may be much required in the routine operation of the business at different levels. With the help of this test one can know if the candidate has that mind-set and attributes which are required for the performance on a specific position or not.

How is the online psychometric test taken?

The test is available in two forms which are offline and online. In the offline form the candidate is asked to come to the venue of the employer and appear in a test physically. In the online test, one is provided with required credentials for logging in the site and appearing in the test. However, in this age due to various benefits more of the employers prefer to have online test only. In online test also, there are two types of tests. In the first type the candidate can appear in the test from any location while in the second test he needs to appear in the test from the venue of the employer only. In case of this test for a candidate it is easier as he just needs to log in the site and go for the test which is of MCQ type. There is also clock or timer set for the test which the candidate can see on the screen of his computer. He can also see various sections and check how many answers he needs to provide for which section. At the end of the time the system does not allow the candidate to go for any more answer. Usually, the candidate also gets his score with the completion of the test only. For the concerned job a minimum benchmark is set by the HR and those who achieve more score can go for more rounds of recruitment or provided with the offer letter of the job. It depends on the HR for what he wants to go with the candidates who have successfully cleared this test.

Why should one go for the online psychometric test?

There are endless benefits to the HR as well as employers if they go for the online test. Here are a few of them provided which drive them to carry the candidate through this test.

  • Easy to judge: This test is completely automatic. The questions are feed in the system and hence one need to quickly choose the right answer which can help the employer to know the true mind-set of the candidate. The paper can be checked by the computers matching the answer or the program already fixed which can help to get the score of a candidate in almost no time. If it is an online test one can immediately get the score also. Even the concerned person from the HR department knows the score and hence he can take on further process or just eliminate the candidate.
  • Scalable: As each question is provided with some score and final score is also defined it becomes easy to scale the rank of a candidate for HR. Though finding the attributes and their level is not an easy task for one who is not familiar with the tricks of the same but with the help of this test is becomes easy for a novice also.
  • More candidates can be judged simultaneously: In case of mass recruitment the HR does not find time to meet every one and judge his potentials. With the help of such a test designed by an expert it becomes simple and still effective to make the things going smooth and quick. Hence in a few minutes with the score of the candidate the HR can have next step clear.
  • A perfect parameter: For an HR it is not that easy to judge the attributes and hence if he hires one and leaves other he may have to be a victim of biased behaviour. This test can help him a base or a parameter with the help of which he can easily answer why one is hired and another one is not. Hence the job of the HR becomes easy.
  • Availability of various formats: The test here is available in offline and online formats which can help the user to go for any of them as per his requirements and need. The online format helps one to choose the best candidate from any corner of the world as he can easily appear in the test and match the required parameters of the company.

These are some of the important benefits offered by the test. One can also design the test on his own after proper research on needs and other parameters if he has capability for the same. Else he can go for the options available in the market or hire an expert who can design the test for the concerned organization keeping the requirement of the type of candidates in mind.

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