The Ottawa Hospital teams up with Lumenix to deliver cutting-edge Ai system


OTTAWA, ON, Sept. 26, 2023 /CNW/ – In a major stride towards advancing patient centric care and enhancing operational efficiency, The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), and Lumenix proudly announce the signing of an innovative partnership, to deploy cutting-edge artificial intelligence in the healthcare setting. Lumenix, a leader in building technologies and artificial intelligence, is set to install its world-leading and clinically-validated Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System (AIMS) platform technology at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus in the fall of 2023. AIMS combines a state-of-the-art 3D scanning IR laser and specialized neural networks to anonymously understand and predict human behaviour, redefining the landscape of healthcare to effectively support healthcare professionals to predict and prevent adverse events before they occur.

This alliance will see the second installation phase and scaled implementation of AIMS into the hospital’s operations, underscoring a shared commitment to pioneering advancements in patient safety, hospital capabilities, and supporting clinicians in their invaluable contributions to patient care. Built from the ground up with anonymity in mind, AIMS is a ceiling-mounted device that offers an easy-to-install platform solution that leverages deep learning models to analyze complex clinical environments and subtle human behaviours resulting in unbiased and reliable data that empowers management decisions and contributes to the learning health system.

Spanning over 20,000 sq ft. of in-patient clinical space, the AIMS units will stand as unobtrusive sentinels assisting clinicians, nurses and other staff in their unwavering commitment to delivering optimal patient care. By embedding the AIMS perceptual enterprise solution within the hospital’s ecosystem, clinicians and administrators will be empowered by unique data not previously available. Poised to support healthcare professionals through precision-focused real-time data, the contextual data created by AIMS will foster collaboration in care delivery whilst upholding the highest standards of data security.

“This collaboration with The Ottawa Hospital and The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is the result of a shared commitment to healthcare innovation, marking a leap towards patient centricity through the synergy of ambient perceptual awareness, artificial intelligence and medical expertise”, said Scott Delaney, CEO and Chairman of Lumenix. “We are excited to harness our technology’s preventative capabilities and potential across a wide range of clinical scenarios including heightened operational insight, automated bedside monitoring, proactive fall prevention, and hand hygiene compliance to contribute to the quality of patient care and to support the tireless frontline care workers.”

At a time when the healthcare industry is experiencing resource constraints, this partnership helps place TOH at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation and adoption in Canada. A testament to the convergence of multi-disciplinary medical excellence and technological innovation, AIMS will facilitate immediate operational support and meaningful research and development. 

“This partnership marks a seminal moment in Ontario’s healthcare history,” said Cameron Love, President and CEO of TOH. “The partnership between Lumenix, The Ottawa Hospital and The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute exemplifies the potential of collaboration in driving meaningful advancements in patient care while identifying operating efficiencies to empower our clinical care workers.” 

Lumenix’s AIMS platform technology has demonstrated its ability to reshape the boundaries of patient care, and this partnership is set to amplify its transformative impact. As AIMS evolves and perpetually increases in its applications, TOH and OHRI will be partners in the ongoing development of novel applications that advance the boundaries of healthcare innovation. This collaboration solidifies the commitment of Lumenix, TOH and OHRI to ethically usher in the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare. By harnessing the power of robotics engineering, perceptual systems, and the latest technology, this collaboration is contributing to an era of precision, efficacy, and compassion that will assist in setting new standards for healthcare systems worldwide. 

The AIMS platform technology is currently being deployed in Canada and the U.S. and is commercially available to hospitals, long term care facilities, and other healthcare institutions.

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About Lumenix:

Lumenix is a leading provider of hardware, software, sensors, artificial intelligence currently serving and trusted by thousands of clients across healthcare, commercial, residential, industrial and retail sectors in North America. Lumenix is committed to its vision of providing continuous value creation and enhanced safety for its partners and clients through the application of proprietary artificial intelligence, robotics engineering, inter-connectivity and clean technologies.

About The Ottawa Hospital:

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is one of Canada’s top learning and research hospitals where we are guided by our vision to provide the world-class and compassionate care we would all want for our loved ones. Our multi-campus hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, is home to the Regional Trauma Centre and Cancer Centre, and to discoveries that are adopted globally. 

Backed by generous support from the community, we are focused on reshaping the future of health care to improve the health of our diverse population of patients from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, and Nunavut. 

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About The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute:

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) is the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital. OHRI research spans more than a hundred different diseases, conditions and specialties with an overall focus on translating discoveries and knowledge into better health. The nationally acclaimed OHRI houses approximately 2,200 scientists, clinician investigators, students, research fellows, and support staff and is proudly affiliated with the University of Ottawa and supported by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

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