Guide to Plan Your Home Office


Home offices come in a wide range of forms, sizes, and designs. There are many factors to consider when designing a home office, whether it is a converted garage, a purpose-built annex, a tiny bedroom, or a corner of another room. Because some individuals spend more than 35 hours each week in this room, it must be distraction-free and pleasant.

The Classico Roma is excellent in providing relevant furniture products and interior design consultancy for designing a home office or study. You can experiment with alternative furniture configurations without having to move the furniture in real life, choose your preferred wall colour, and design shelves and storage for the area.

Here are important things for planning, creating, and managing your home office or study.

Choosing the Correct Room

If you are lucky enough to have several rooms to pick from, make sure you choose one that provides you with enough space, light, and solitude to work comfortably.

Classico Roma

Plenty of Room to Move Around

It is critical to have adequate room to work comfortably. If you work alone, make sure you have adequate room to walk around, stand up, and sit back from your desk.

If you work alongside coworkers or employees, ensure sure the space is large enough to accommodate everyone. Nothing is more inconvenient than having to push past a coworker every day to get to the coffee machine.

 A Good Desk and a Comfortable Seat

Investing in a good office desk and chair for your home office will always be worthwhile if it minimizes future back pain issues. Make sure your workstation is spacious enough to hold your computer and anything else you’ll need to complete your job.

Shelving and Storage Space

It is essential to have a sufficient number of shelves, filing cabinets, and cupboards for your files, books, documents, and stationery.

A Place to Hold Meetings

If you have clients or customers visit you throughout the day, you must provide comfortable chairs for sit-down meetings. Make sure you have a clean and neat space where you can meet and speak with them face to face. Meetings may always be held at the kitchen table or in the living room if space is restricted.


Lighting Natural light is crucial, and it may be boosted by utilizing mirrors and light-colored paint on the walls. Make sure that direct sunlight does not damage your computer screen, and choose a nice lighting setup for working at night.


Being excessively hot or chilly in the summer or winter is an undesirable distraction from your job. When the temperatures change in the summer and winter, make sure you have a dependable technique for heating and cooling the space.

If possible, open a window to allow some fresh air in; if not, make sure you can open the door to another room with an open window.

Reduce Noise and Distractions

Your room or place should be located in a calm area of the home, away from youngsters or dogs who may distract you.

Clean Your Office

Keep your home office neat and clean at all times. Spend the first 10/15 minutes of your day cleaning your desk and, if required, vacuuming – it will always be worthwhile.

Customize it

You are fortunate to have control over the appearance of your workplace area, so add unique touches that will please you. Include one of your favourite paintings, colours, or decorations to brighten your day.

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