How employee handbook softwares can help you manage your business


For businesses small and large, it is crucial to maintain proper communication with the employees. To keep the company’s structure strong, it is crucial that every member of the company is on the same page. There are a number of ways to keep the communication alive in the company one of which is to keep an employee handbook.

An employee handbook has company policies, employee benefits and updates about the company. Even though a number of companies do use employee handbooks but most of them are in hard-copy. Which are difficult to update, keep a track of, and are non-environment friendly.

That is when employee handbook software comes to the rescue. Employee handbook software provides a number of benefits to the company and can prove to be efficient if used properly.

Here are some ways that employee handbook software can help manage your business:

1. Time Saving

Imagine preparing a handbook, printing it, distributing it and then keeping a record of it. Easy, right? Now imagine doing it for hundreds of employees. Not so easy now, is it? Companies all around the world spend hours preparing employee manuals and then spend even more time in printing and distribution.Spending unnecessary time on handbooks means taking time off of your actual work.

With an employee handbook software like Airmason, you save a huge chunk of your time which you can spend on your business. You also save your employees’ time by allowing them to easily find any section of the handbook they are looking for.

2. More Work, Less Stress

Making even a small update when you have hard copies of employee handbooks can prove to be stressful. Instead of going through the hassle, you might end up skipping that update at all. Even if you do decide to make an update, you will have to go through the whole cycle of printing, distribution and tracking all over again.

An employee handbook software takes that stress off your shoulders and makes it super easy for you to make an update. WIth just one click, you can easily make necessary changes which will be notified to your employees. With the stress of updating the handbook off you, you can focus more on employee development and less on employees being aware of the policies.

3. Signature Tracking Made Easy

Even if you do distribute handbooks, you are not sure who has or hasn’t read through the policies. With this, you run the risk of having uninformed or ill-informed employees which can majorly affect your business. With a hard copy of the employee handbook, you can never be sure if the newly hired employees fully understand the company’s structure and policies.

With an employee handbook software, you can easily track employee signatures and know if your employees have read through the policies or not. This will also be easy for the employees as they can easily read the manual on their electronic device without having to carry around a handbook.

4. Easy On-boarding

There is no point in waiting for your employees to join the office to brief them all the company policies. If you wait till their first day of joining to explain company policies to them, you will only add to their nervousness and stress of being in a new place.

This will also result in your employees taking more than the usual time to adjust to the company’s environment.

With an online tool, you can email the employee handbook to the selected candidate and they can go through everything easily before their day at the office. A thorough employee handbook will also communicate the company’s culture with the employees so they are well aware of what they are getting themselves into.

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