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These days, everyone wants to be among the top content creators on the platform. Not only do they generate money from doing what they love, but they also have a significant influence on their followers, the industries they operate in, and the products they endorse. Becoming a top Instagram page isn’t an overnight phenomenon.

It’s going to take time, effort, and more than your fair share of hard work, but if you follow these tips, you’ll find it to be much easier than going in blindly. Original content can only take you so far without consistency, quality, good hashtags, great followers, and a solid work ethic.

Good Followers

The heart of your success will be your followers. They’re the ones that consume, share, like, and comment on your content. Whether you buy Instagram services for a more targeted audience or grow your audience organically from one follower, always remember that the quality of that audience is infinitely more valuable than the quantity. Good followers will share your content with family and friends, and thus, will help your page grow as you climb the social media ladder.

Not to mention, when new visitors to your page see high-quality followers interacting with your posts, it helps them establish a sense of trust with your content.

Trust is the key ingredient to turning those new leads into permanent followers, and high-quality followers are the way to earn it. You can buy 5000 Instagram followers. When businesses offer you a sponsorship or affiliate marketing contract, they want to see that your audience is made up of high-quality people, not bots or fake accounts.

Posting Consistently on Instagram

Posting consistently is one of the most crucial components of a successful Instagram page. Your followers will want to know when they can expect to see your content, and you’re responsible for delivering on time.

If you continually fail to meet deadlines, you’ll become untrustworthy, and sometimes, this is all it takes to scare off a few followers. Consistency keeps your content in the eye of your followers and shows them you care.

If, for some reason, you can’t make a content deadline, reach out to your followers to let them know. People appreciate honesty much more than excuses. If you’ve got personal issues or your equipment is broken, there’s nothing you can do about it, but you’re ultimately responsible for keeping your audience informed; especially an audience that’s adjusted to a specific schedule.

If you’re having trouble staying consistent with your content, take some time for yourself during the week to hash out your posts. Try posting only once or twice a week so that your content creation doesn’t become overwhelming to the point where you can’t manage it.

Quality of posts on Instagram

The quality of your content will help determine whether or not you reach the top. The biggest pages on Instagram only post the highest-quality content on a consistent basis. That’s why they’re the top pages!

According to ViralRace, if posting a few times per week prevents you from posting the highest quality content possible, dial it back to once per week. Give yourself adequate time to create your best content; your followers will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself when you see the impact it has on your page as a whole.

If you feel the quality of your content seems to be slipping, take a big step back and address it quickly. Make no mistake, your followers will notice a drop in quality, and likely won’t approve. You’ve got a reputation to maintain if you plan on going straight to the top. You can’t settle for anything less than your best. That being said, remember that no one is perfect, but what’s important is that you give it your all.

Good Hashtags

Hashtags make all the difference in the discoverability of your content. If your hashtags aren’t focused enough, you include too many of them or none at all, potential followers can’t find your content.

If they can’t find your content, you’re posting for no one but yourself, and that’s no way to reach the top! Fix those hashtags by researching keywords related to your niche and your content, looking at how the competition creates theirs and figuring out what hashtags your audience searches.

Don’t include more than about ten hashtags per post, as more than that tends to cloud the content and makes it feel bulky. If you’ve ever come across a post on your feed with dozens of hashtags, you know exactly what we mean. It’s obnoxious.

Don’t compare yourself, but study your competition

It’s almost a natural inclination to compare yourself to more successful pages on Instagram. That being said, on your journey to the top, you must remember one very important thing: they started right where you are. Everyone has to start from the bottom, and overnight success isn’t something that (usually) occurs on social media.

Most successful pages have clawed their way up from the bottom just like you’re doing, so instead of comparing yourself to them, learn from them. Every success comes with lessons, and those pages likely overcame an obstacle or ten on their way to the top. You can learn from their mistakes to make your ascent much less bumpy.

Study the competition’s content, how and when they post, how they interact, and which hashtags they use. These four items in themselves can offer so much insight into the industry or niche you’re operating in and can make the difference in your posts’ success.

Put in the work

The most important tip we can offer is to temper your work ethic and put in the hours to make your page a success. Your page won’t launch itself, and it’s going to require maintenance. You’re going to fail at some point, you’re going to go backward. It’s in times like these that your work ethic separates your page from the others. You’ll learn to push through those obstacles, hold the vision, and keep grinding despite adversity.

We can’t promise your ascent will be easy, but if you put in the work and follow the other tips we’ve provided, it will at least be more clear and you’ll be armed with valuable tools during your rise to the top.

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