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How to choose short-term rental management software


Technology continues to play a huge part in the short-term rental market. Hosts can utilize channel managers, update payment methods, embrace clever accounting tools, and adopt keyless entry. There are new developments on the horizon too, such as chatbots, smart home tools (such as lighting solutions), voice concierge services, and 3D tours.

What is short-term rental software?

Busy hosts often take advantage of well-designed short-term rental management software solutions. Platforms such as iGMS improve efficiency and automate key areas of the business. Vacation rental software can be used to manage online bookings, streamline communication, and manage revenue, etc.

Hosts are able to handle day-to-day short-term rental tasks efficiently, leaving more time to grow and develop the business. There’s more time to get to grips with other factors, such as creating an insightful welcome book to improve that all-important guest experience.

The best vacation rental management software can be used to:

  • Manage multiple accounts from a single interface
  • Automate guest communication
  • Sync calendars across multiple vacation rental platforms
  • Manage the availability of properties to prevent double bookings
  • Organize cleaning and maintenance schedules

Who uses short-term rental software?

Short-term rental software is regularly used by vacation rental owners to keep on top of their business and manage vacation rental properties. This type of software can be utilized by single property owners and by those with a whole portfolio of vacation rental businesses.

Hosts can stay in touch with guests, and make use of the professional templates (speeding up the review writing process, etc). Short-term rental software can also be used by property managers to maintain contact with their team members, e.g. cleaners and maintenance personnel.

What are the key features of short-term rental management software?

So, what makes vacation rental software one of the most valuable and indispensable software solutions for short-term rental hosts? Applications such as these have plenty to offer:

Superior chanel manager

Vacation rental software provides integration with major listing platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo/HomeAway family, etc. Hosts can sync calendar data from other OTAs via iCal which simplifies the process of managing multiple accounts.

Native smart messaging

Short-term rental management software enables users to enjoy flawless communication with guests. Applications with a unified inbox feature can collate guest dialogues from the likes of Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, HomeAway, other major listing websites, and direct bookings. Everything can then be organized into one single feed.

Effective cleaning and team management

Hosts can use short-term rental software features to manage team members up to 90% more efficiently. Customer service is key and keeping in contact with cleaners and maintenance personnel allows property managers to oversee these two important areas. Some vacation rental software allows hosts to access professionally designed review templates too, saving even more time.

Insightful financial reports

Hosts can also use vacation rental software incorporating a handy financial reporting feature to collate and analyze data relating to multiple vacation rental properties. The monthly revenue report will showcase information on individual listings detailing how that property has performed over the course of time. Software incorporating a payout report can prove useful too (it provides an insight into overall finances), and if there’s a reservations report then even better (this details the specifics of the payout report data). Finally, hosts can also make use of a task report which shows information related to cleaning tasks.

Efficient key management

Busy property managers can also use short-term rental software to manage access to vacation rental properties remotely. You can track your keys on the dashboard and when your guest checks out, the host and cleaning team are notified. This allows the property to be turned around efficiently ready for the next guest.

How to choose short-term rental software

With so many platforms to choose from, it can be challenging to identify the best one to suit your business. Compare the features of the software available. What will the software do for your business? Does it cover the areas you need help with?

Hosts should also explore fees–what exactly will you get for your money? Check out reviews to find out how user-friendly the software is and look into the level of customer support you will receive. Finally, ask if you can “try before you buy.” Many platforms offer free demo enabling you to explore the features and functionality for yourself.

What are the benefits of using short-term rental software?

Investing in a cloud-based property management system for your vacation rental business will provide ample opportunities and benefits for your business. Effective short-term rental management software, such as iGMS, allows hosts to manage their business remotely–saving time and money. Automation also reduces the chance of human error–double bookings can be costly and are best avoided! 

iGMS, for instance, provides property managers with the chance to develop and scale their business. This complex vacation rental software solution is available on iOS and Android, and prospective users even get to try out the rental software for free with a 14-day trial.

Can I afford not to invest in short-term rental software?

You can if you aren’t too keen on being competitive, enhancing the performance of your business, and making more money. If you are interested in those three key elements, investing in vacation rental software is a wise move.

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