How to discover your own writing ritual

discover your own writing ritual

Every famous writer has a writing ritual. Developing one takes a bit of trial and error, testing the waters to see how they feel in different situations. No matter what it is, the goal is finding the perfect conditions to write, those that make the creative juices flow and bring the words out of the soul and onto the paper. If you’re searching for yours, here are a few tips on how to discover it.

Discover your own writing ritual

Famous Writers’ Rituals

All pro writers on have their rituals when it comes to getting in the zone. They are not the only ones either. Some of the most famous writers of all time have revealed the unusual things they do to create their magic, and below, we are sharing a few.

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was never shy about his drinking habits. In fact, most of the time, he worked his writing schedule around his drinking schedule, waking up at dawn to write until the afternoon and then moseying off to the bar. He also preferred to type on foot, never sitting down while he was lost in a story.

Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut kept a strict schedule and always tamed down his busy day with a few sips of scotch. Because he had teaching to do, he would take care of all of his errands and then write in the early morning and later at night before he would hit the sack.

Steven King

King likes things to be orderly when he sits down to write. We’re not just talking clean, but he likes papers organized the same way, sitting in the same chair, and having a glass of water and a cup of tea every morning before he puts his mind to work.

Discover your own writing ritual

Create Your Own Writing Ritual in 4 steps

1. Read Your Vibes

The first thing to do when trying to find your optimal writing conditions is to pay close attention to yourself. For instance, when is your brain alert and awake? When do you feel your best? Is there something you eat, drink, or wear that makes you feel like writing a novel? Whatever it is, find it, and hone in on it. While it sounds simple to observe, we’re talking about an extensive study about you. Keep a journal of sensations and feelings as you change up your day.

Once you have your journal, you’ll have enough material to get to know yourself better and find what helps you get in the writing mood. Not all writers have all the free time in the world. Some of you may be working or studying, left to complete homework or study. If you’ve got assignments, leave them to engineering assignment service and turn your attention inward to learn more about you.

2. Find a Pattern

With in-depth observation and notetaking, you should have enough details to find a pattern that works. For example, was there a song that got you in the mood? What about special food? What time did you usually sit back to jot down a few words? All of this works together to help you find a pattern that works for you. Remember, it’s a ritual, and rituals are filled with repetition that keeps you organized and on track.

3. Create a Plan

If you’ve done the first two steps with care, then creating a plan is simple. Start by planning a schedule and sticking to it for a few days. Then, please take a moment to reflect to see how it went. For instance, you may find that you were a bit less productive one day because your mind wouldn’t permit you to focus. If that happens, it’s ok; you can just keep going and get yourself more used to your rituals. You have the power to change your ritual and test out new ones whenever you want. So, don’t think you are stuck and keep on experimenting.

4. Keep It Going

Once you’ve found things that work for you and are comfortable with your ritual, you should keep it going. All of the most respected and loved writers find time to craft each day, and you should do, too. If you’re genuinely passionate about finishing your work and have things to turn in, let Take My Quiz For Me handle it for you and let your creativity run wild. The trick to creating these rituals is to get your brain in gear, letting it know that you’re about to start writing.

Discover your own writing ritual

Mindfulness Will Set You Free

The more you know about yourself, the freer you will be. When creating your writing ritual, it’s all about taking moments throughout each day and noting how you feel. Using those observations and sensations can help you find the things that work best for you and help you create your next brainchild. So, when creating your ritual, remember to:

  • Observe your sensations
  • Find your optimal writing time
  • Keep track
  • Create a plan
  • Stick to it

All writers have things that get them in the zone. They seem to transport them to another world and set their brain from living mode to writing mode. When you give your brain space and allow it to take over, you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with, discovering more and more about yourself as you improve your writing skills.

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