How to start a conversation with a girl: Rules and tips


Many guys feel awkward and don’t know how and what to say to start a conversation with a girl. Whether it’s dating in real life or online. Although there is nothing terrible here. The tips below will help you hone your skills when communicating with girls and teach you how to achieve your goals.

The Book Is Judged by Its Cover

And let all the Russian brides from unanimously continue to repeat that in men they value, first of all, intelligence and charisma, practice shows the opposite. You can be a well-read and erudite young man, but your dirty shoes won’t allow you even to start a dialogue with a beauty passing by. And therefore, you need to take care of your appearance:

  • Shoes and clothing shouldn’t be the work of fashionable French couturiers. But they must be neat and clean. The same goes for hair and beard. Therefore, if you are the lucky owner of a thick facial hair, before approaching a girl, make sure that your beard is in perfect condition.
  • Don’t forget about the fresh breath. Otherwise, your conversation will end after the first sentence. Bad breath can reduce all your efforts to nothing.
  • And don’t forget, there won’t be a second chance to make a first impression! Therefore, discard your hangups and start a conversation with a nice lady.

How to start a conversation with a girl on the street

There are a few simple rules that will allow you to start a conversation at ease:

  • It isn’t necessary to set as the initial goal a romantic relationship with a girl. Try to talk about abstract topics that don’t carry a double implication.
  • There is no need to think painfully long over the first uttered phrase. Most often, the initial thought that comes to your head at the sight of a charming stranger is what you need.
  • Tragedy won’t happen, and the sky won’t fall if you are refused. Just keep this in mind and take things a little easier.

Universal dating rules, adhering to which, everything will work out

Just remember about these essentials and feel free to approach the girls you like:

  • During the conversation, listen carefully and don’t interrupt the girl.
  • The dialogue must imply eye contact, otherwise, the girl will decide that she isn’t interesting to you and will rush to stop the communication.
  • Don’t hesitate to talk about your best qualities.
  • Don’t forget to smile. Moreover, smiling, any person looks much more attractive.
  • Avoid questions that require clear answers. Such a dialogue will instantly bore your interlocutor.
  • Don’t touch on acute and so-called painful topics in the conversation.
  • Ask questions that will allow you to get to know the other person better. At the same time, personal intimate topics are recommended to be avoided.
  • Avoid using obscene language.

Overcoming your fears and talking to a strange girl, even in the case of a negative result, you will get a valuable skill that will certainly be useful to you soon.

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