How to write a medical essay – 5 useful tips for students


Students of almost all majors are given essay writing tasks as a key assignment to assess their critical thinking skills. Medical school students are not an exception. That is why we decided to prepare this overview exclusively for future doctors and nurses to help them get through the process of writing faster.

5 useful tips for students

1.   Understand the links between theory and practice

Besides critical thinking, essays in medical schools are assigned to evaluate how students understand various theories and concepts and how they would apply them to real-life situations. So the first thing you have to demonstrate throughout your writing is what your actions will be in a certain accident and what is the theoretical basis behind it.

2.   Communicate effectively

Your aim as a writer is to deliver certain information to your reader. That is why you have to take care of the way you express yourself. While writing, you should think about your audience all the time and ask yourself whether you are understandable for those who will read your work. It requires your knowledge of syntax, grammar, punctuation, and of course, medical terminology. In case the above-mentioned aspects are not your strong side, you can consult an expert of a custom essay service so that they could do this work for you or correct what you have written.

3.   Analyze problems in detail

Writing medical essays means approaching a certain problem from different points of view. That is the issue that often makes many ask for ‘help write my essay’ requests, since this stage of preparation requires reading a lot of contradictory information and then utilizing it for writing. The bit of advice to deal with this step is dividing the problem into basic elements, understanding which one is more important than the other and after that, researching further evidence.

4.   Define relevant issues accurately

Another problem students face from time to time and makes them ask to ‘write my essay’ is that the question specified in an assignment is often tricky. Therefore, one of the main tasks before you start writing is understanding the core of this question. If you fail to do this, you risk deviating from the topic of your essay or answering the question you were not asked. Understanding the topic is crucial for successful essay writing. That is why we advise rephrasing the question of your assignment to the most simple words possible before you start doing any research.

5.   Manage your time wisely

Time management is one of the key factors regardless of whether you will fail or succeed with your task. As you have noticed, a medical essay requires a lot of preparatory work that starts with brainstorming. After that, you proceed to search for adequate information to support your statements. And once you have processed all the necessary data, it’s time to organize it.

Outlining your essay is an important stage of writing too. Therefore, it will be better if you dedicate a separate day for creating the structure of your essay. Don’t be in a hurry while working on it since it is the skeleton of your future essay.

When the plan of your essay is ready and all pieces of evidence are collected, feel free to start writing. I’d advise starting from writing the body paragraphs and then moving to an introduction. Remember, your thesis is the first thing that should be formulated after an outline so that your argument and evidence will be presented according to it. Take a separate day or a few hours on writing body paragraphs and introduction.

After that, go on to writing a conclusion for your essay. Here you should wrap up all pieces of evidence and precisely state your vision of the problem solution. When it’s done, check whether all quotations and references are formatted correctly. To do that, use the latest version of the formatting style you were assigned to use.

One more day will be required to proofread your essay. You may even want to revise some parts of your essay, but keep in mind that rewriting whole paragraphs may not be a good idea. You can lack the time or simply write a worse version of an essay than it was before. Perfectionism is not a key to the high grade.

When you corrected all issues you didn’t like and checked the grammar and punctuation, feel free to submit your paper to your professor and praise yourself for the work done.

Writing a medical essay may seem a complicated task, but when you know the exact steps of doing it, it becomes a lot easier. We hope our tips will help you in your writing process as they helped many students throughout their studies in medical school.

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