Is Microsoft 70-486 exam so beneficial as everyone says? Let’s find out what it can give you via practice tests!


Microsoft provides various certifications that cover popular domains at several levels, and MCSA: Web Applications is one of the associate-level credentials that is especially noteworthy. This badge qualifies all the interested candidates for a position as a web administrator or web developer and gives them knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, and ASP.NET MVC web applications. To get this certificate, you need to pass two exams out of three, and in this post, we will cover the details of the test that must be taken by all means – Microsoft 70-486. The other two exams are 70-480 and 70-483, and you need to choose one of them. As the choice of the applicants can vary, but the Microsoft 70-486 Exam Dumps remains mandatory for passing, we will talk more about this certification exam.

Target audience and requirements

The main audience of the Microsoft 70-486 test is the professional developers, particularly those who are involved in designing web platforms through ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

There are certain official requirements for anyone who are going to sit for this exam. The students are required to have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience working with Microsoft Azure web apps and Microsoft ASP.NET MVC-based solutions. They should also have the skill set for designing solutions, especially for the user interface according to the requirements of various businesses. Besides, the candidates for Microsoft 70-486 should also have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the development life cycle of web application software.

Exam details and topics

It is a paid certification test priced by MCSA 70-486 Real Questions t at $165 and offered through Pearson VUE. The exam is available in various languages. Precisely, they include Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese (Brazil), and German. Microsoft 70-486 contains drag and drop as well as multiple-choice questions. The total number of questions you should expect is about 40-60, and they need to be answered within 2 hours with at least 700 points out of 1000. Most of these questions, if not all, are framed around 3 different case studies. They are related to six topics:

  1. Develop the UX – 15-20%;
  2. Design the application architecture – 15-20%;
  3. Design and implement security – 15-20%;
  4. Design the UX – 15-20%;
  5. Design the deployment and build architecture – 10-15%;
  6. Debug and troubleshoot web apps – 20-25%.

Please note that these objectives include several subtopics that make up the whole exam content. Therefore, you need to explore all of them in detail.

Preparation tips and tricks

The first and most important step towards passing Microsoft 70-486 is to learn the exam objectives and understand all of them. It is important that you properly familiarize yourself with all the topics listed above before you even start your preparation.

If you want to pass Microsoft 70-486 with flying colors, you must use the right study materials. The official guidebook for this test is Exam Ref 70-486. This guide covers all the objectives of this test just as they are listed on the Microsoft website. Pro ASP.NET MVC 4 is another one you can refer to for your preparation. The manual gives you a comprehensive detailed analysis of each domain. You can also enroll for the training course that lasts 5 days and is conducted by a certified instructor. It is a good opportunity to ask questions and have professional guidance.

There are also other great tools you can use to prepare for this certification test. Thus, the ExamSnap site offers a ton of preparation resources for the exams of various vendors, including Microsoft 70-486. The platform gives you the opportunity to buy the premium bundle that contains 236 practice questions with answers, 91 video lectures, and the study guide with more than 900 pages. You can also purchase all these materials individually and even download an exam simulator for paid practice questions or free braindumps that you can also find on this site.

Some main exam benefits

Here are some of the reasons why passing the Microsoft 70-486 exam can be very beneficial for your IT career:

  • This grants a prestigious IT certification.

Microsoft is well-known worldwide for providing the best IT certificates. So, any individual certified by this vendor always has a better chance of landing a position he/she always wanted to have than the non-certified candidates. MCSA: Web Applications is a prestigious badge that will play a big role in increasing your chances of getting your dream job. With this credential, you can be employed as an administrator or a web developer with the average annual salaries of $80,000 and $55,000, respectively.

  • This shows your hard work and resilience.

Thorough preparation for the Microsoft 70-486 exam requires determination and sacrifice. It is the only way to achieve your goal of passing this test. The studies involved are usually very deep and demand your hard work. So, by achieving the passing score, you demonstrate that you are a hardworking and resilient person. These are some of the most important attributes that the employers are looking for when recruiting new specialists. They show that you can work and concentrate on the tasks you have been assigned without giving up.

  • This makes you better at serving clients.

Microsoft 70-486 is designed to provide the test takers with advanced knowledge of managing design applications. The skills you gain through this certification exam will enable you to better serve the clients and grow your customer base.


As you can see, Microsoft 70-486 is a certification exam that will lead you to success if you pass it with flying colors. It gives you a lot of in-demand skills and provides you with the sought-after credential that will make you stand out among other candidates for your desired position. Therefore, set a goal to pass this test, prepare with great deliberation and enjoy all the benefits!

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