Mobile Apps have become a necessity after the Covid-19 pandemic


In a world where a pandemic suddenly struck the world over, innovation is experiencing a new awakening as an essential instrument to offer solutions that alleviate the most pressing needs.

Both in Canada and the rest of the world, numerous initiatives are emerging to accelerate developments to obtain rapid solutions to this pandemic. We are entering a contactless world, where we can only trust touching our own device screens.

With millions of isolated people, these are times when shopping codes are rewritten and, occasionally, e-commerce codes, towards more interactive, experiential and real-time spaces.

The coronavirus has further fueled this trend in China, which was already a pioneer in the mix of entertainment, community and online shopping. Here they enter to carve out the possibility of autonomous vehicles, perhaps obtaining free permits and social acceptance faster than previously thought.

It is also expected that in times where uncertainty leads to possible impulsive purchases and shortages, programmatic commerce trends may intensify, the phenomenon of connected devices that make purchasing decisions on behalf of people, send the order and companies respond.

A coffee machine can reorder the owner’s favorite coffee when supplies run out.

In this line, Amazon has used data for the operations of its advance shipping system “Anticipatory Package Shipping”, which moves inventory through warehouses according to expected orders.

As people become more and more accustomed to interacting with robots, chatbots, and artificial intelligence, they are expected to spread into more and more domains, for example, health.

The increase in robots to support health systems was already growing: from the precision of diagnoses and procedures to remote treatments, through routine tasks of care and attention to conversational accompaniment.

More considering the trials about the care of the elderly, those most affected by the virus.

As interfaces are integrated into the environment, and we can control them through voice, gaze and gestures, we will no longer see the devices.

It is that given the context, the increase in uses of voice assistants is expected, and has become a reality that technology and most applications will see a growth post-pandemic and will also offer new possibilities.

The world is changing, and mobile apps will help us transform our businesses, get virtual and minimize physical contacts.


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