Natural organic ways to protect your skin from the sun


Summer must-haves never change. We love the outdoors and while adapting to the new rules and staying safe, there are still the Canadian summer go-tos for natural organic ways to protect your skin!

Neem Body Bar – Hiking in a provincial park? Golfing at dusk? Camping under the cedar trees? Fishing for pickerel at dawn?  Or quietly enjoying the rhythms of lapping lake waters?  Whenever the activity ventures outdoors, remember your Neem Body Bar

Natural organic ways to protect your skin from Earth to Body

It is 100% natural and safe on the skin for all ages. Please do your own research on neem applications and discover the miracles of the neem tree. Please also read our testimonials.

Nori Neem Soap – For the active participant where the dirt and grime and sand work their way into the skin. Working the soil, hoeing and weeding? Painting? Staining? Roofing? Walking barefoot in the sand? Enjoying the beach under sand swept breezes.

Exfoliate with our nori neem soap. It will clean and soothe at the same time, getting rid of the sand and grit from summer activities.


Butters, Sheamu and Shargan – Whether in the morning or the evening, buttering the body at your leisure nourishes the skin all over. Not only does it moisturize, it soothes the skin. Summer activity can be drying and exhausting on the skin and the Sheamu or the Shargan butter is definitely the answer. Whether you choose the butter with the unrefined emu oil, or the one with pure argan, your skin will respond immediately, like a wilted flower enjoying the first drops of rain.

Zinc Oxide – Strolling along the beach under sunny blue skies? Golfing midday? Tanning at poolside? Watching your kids splash pad? Gardening under the sun’s hot rays? Zinc it up. Zinc is the best natural weather protectant.

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