Paintball winning techniques you should know about


Paintball winning techniques – There’s a new trend in sports today that is showing some potential to be a competitive team sport that you can play with your family and friends.

You might have already heard the game paintball from your circle of friends or on a sports channel. It might be new, but the totality of how the game works is familiar.

What is paintball?

The game paintball is a competitive team shooting sport that uses a spherical dye-filled gelatin ball as ammunition that breaks upon impact—making your opponent marked with colourful paint when they get a hit.

Paintball can be likened to an airsoft which uses protective equipment before the game starts.

Players are required to wear protective equipment like masks or goggles, helmet, elbow and knee pads. Others even wear Ghillie Suits to activate camouflage features during the game. In a more competitive playing scene, players use paintball mines, cannons, and mortars to dominate their opponents.

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Winning techniques that can help you

Paintball may be just a simple and fun game for others; however, there are competitive players that treat it like a real sport. And that means winning is the ultimate goal every time they play.

Here are some winning techniques from expert paintball players that might help you up to your gaming strategy next time.

1. Team play and communication

Just like any team sports, proper communication and team play is a must. Unlike single-player sports, in paintball, you need to communicate with your teammates to succeed and win the game.

There are a lot of team play and strategies that work efficiently and effectively when the line of communication is strong. Talk to your teammates, practice giving out hand signals, and assign team positioning- these are just the basics you need to learn in playing paintball.

Never try to go out on your own without your teammates’ knowledge. You didn’t only jeopardize the entire team plan, but your chance of survival is also lessened, and worst put you out from the game.

2. Properly use your equipment 

During the game, it is not all about the strategy, but also properly using your equipment to give you an edge to win. Wearing your goggles properly does not only protect your eyes and face but also give you a proper vision when shooting. Remember that having a good eye vision to your opponent and the field is an excellent advantage for you.

Sweaty and blurry vision may obstruct your sight and detract you from performing your best during the game. Expert advises that using a sports cap and wear on the reverse can help you during the game. The cap will absorb the sweat in your head and prevent fogging up your goggles.

Also, to avoid fogging on your lens, make sure to close gaps between your face and the goggle frame. This is to prevent any hot air from entering inside every time you breathe, which causes the fog inside your lens.

3. Study the battlefield

This technique might not come off easily since every paintball battlefield is different from each other, depending on the area. However, briefly studying the battlefield by slowly walking around and roaming to check a better positioning is one winning key.

Walking around the playground gives you an idea of what are the perfect spots to hide and cover and also shows the wrong places you should avoid.

Do not engage right away when it is your first time on a new battlefield. Try to memorize the ground first and plan a strategy with your teammate. Knowing the battlefield very well gives your team an edge in winning the game.

4. Do not overdo it.

Just like any other sports, paintball should be fun and exciting. Overdoing it like engaging with physical real fights and violence is a wrong move. Winning a game isn’t just all about earning recognition or a medal, but also winning does also mean having fun during the activity.

You have won the moment you had fun with your friends, and you actually lose the moment you jumped on to have a fistfight. Always play a fair game and enjoy the activity as it is made to be enjoyed.


Paintball is the newest competitive team sport that is closely related to military tactics and activities. Many sports enthusiasts are now engaged in playing the sport and actually having fun doing it. You might be new in playing paintball and want to win the game, learning the basics can help you. Also, just have fun doing it, and you’ll focus more on the excitement and not on the winning part.


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