Raptors win in MSG – Knicks beaten 118-112


Raptors win in MSG – The Raptors might have started out slowly but it looks like the Knicks were more than motivated and managed to keep the game close. Toronto then pulled away at the last few moments to nail the win, helping the team to secure an amazing record in the NBA league.

Taking Care of Business

Raptors win in MSG

The Toronto Raptors look to have developed quite a reputation when it comes to taking care of business. They have only lost to a sub-.500 team twice in the entire season. They were able to show the world what they are made of, but the Knicks fought hard. The Raptors showed up late, but they did manage to maintain a 6-point lead. Two teams might have entered the game but they were trending in two very different ways. The Raptors were in the middle of a five-game victory streak and they were also hoping to tackle game number 6. The Knicks on the other hand have only managed to win one out of their last 5. To make things even harder for the team, one of their top rookies, RI Barrett is out with an ankle injury and on the other side, the Raptors have managed to get quite a few games under their belt. If you’re a Knicks fan, or even a Raptors fan then betting online is very easy to do. Visit sport NetBet to find out more.

About Barrett

Barrett was the 3rd pick in the NBA draft and he looks to have had a somewhat up-and-down year as a rookie. That being said, he has managed to show enough potential to give the fan base hope for the future. He is one of the few Knicks players on the roster that the team can hopefully work into their long-term plans. His absence was also a bit of a disappointment for those who are Raptor fans. In fact, Barrett is from the area of Toronto and he’s one of the young Canadian players that the locals are keeping their eye on.

Giving the Knicks Credit

You do have to give the Knicks credit. They refused to even think about rolling over even when the Raptors found a way to get into a double-digit lead. This is a game that Toronto should have put to bed way earlier. The Knicks were able to work the Raptors on the glass and they out-rebounded them 14-5. Leading the Knicks when it came to rebounding proved to be essential to their success. By the looks of things, the Raptors were able to benefit from a good, steady play and a lot of this came under the leadership of Lowry. He led the team by totalling 26 points and he did amazing from the free-throw line as well. He managed to go 13 out of 14 and this really did help the team to get to where they need to be.

The Raptors got off to a sluggish start and to begin with, they failed to really connect on any offense. This gave the Knicks the chance to crash the glass. Toronto just didn’t look prepared mentally and this caused them problems.

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