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“Amazon delivery!  Wahoo! My new shadow from Colourpop is here, Spiker.”  Val chimes to her pet lab as he barks his approval. She then rips open the package and being smart and savvy, peruses the label.

“OK. Label.  Let’s see what you say. Everyone is telling me to READ YOU. So here goes.”

Val scrunches her face as she skims the listing. The ingredients do not seem to be making much sense. 

“OK. I’ll admit I do not understand the ingredients but, then, who does? “  Val explains to Spiker as she nuzzles his ears.

“All my friends are using cool eyeshadows and stuff and they absolutely love it.  Why am I even bothering to pretend I can tell if it is good or bad?  It has to be good, if they are allowed to sell it on Amazon, right, Spiker?   I have seen some Cosmetic ‘horror’ stories on You Tube. Yuk! But that won’t happen to me. I shop on Amazon. There are rules. Regulations.  We are protected. Everyone Loves Colourpop.”

Val’s eyes skip down to the small print.

“Always read the small print’, Grandma’s voice echoes in her mind.  â€œI have perfect eyes, Grandma, but I know you would have to get out your magnifying glass. “

The small print reads ‘not for use around the eyes’

“Really? Seriously?  This is an eye shadow. Eyeshadow goes around the eyes’. 

They must mean not to put it ‘IN’ the eyes’. Oh. I get it. Of course, I am not going to put it IN my eyes. That would be stupid, right Spiker? Ok. Problem solved. Wahoo! Time to paint.”


A typical scene happening daily across North America.

Online delivery. Amazon, Google, Alibaba, EBay, Etsy.  Easy. Fast. And so much many choices.

But what exactly are we buying?  How can we be sure we are getting safe quality?

I zeroed in on Colourpop because there is so much controversy going on concerning the dangers of makeup and other beauty products crossing the ‘safety’ line. Colourpop is the internets’ most popular beauty brand and apparently in using ingredients (like Red Lakes) they are testing the waters, so to speak. How much can one company get away with?  They are using ingredients not FDA approved for use around the eyes.  So, it is up to you, the consumer to be diligent. Colourpop says that it is up to the user’s discretion.

Lately there have been a lot of products purchased online that are seriously ‘questionable’. It is all happening so fast that the consumer protection agencies must be overwhelmed. Companies are adding Illegal’ amounts of ingredients and getting away with it.

There are enough documentaries (e.g. Broken, Toxic Beauty) available for you to become aware of the dangers, not just in makeup, but also in soaps, cream, lotions, exfoliants, sunscreens. All cosmetics.

While we do not sell makeup products, we do sell skin care. Truly natural. Safe. Nutritious. Homemade and handmade. Canadian. Check us out.


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