Spoil yourself or another with an oil diffuser!


A Valentine Treat

oil diffuser – Essential Oil diffusers are becoming quite the trend and now I know why. I have splurged on a cool mist vapour maker that disperses my therapeutic scents throughout the room, and I must share my joy. 

My girlfriend had one first, and every time I walked in her house, I was greeted with a clean freshness in the air, a pleasant scent and the enticing sound of water bubbles that I have grown to love. It sounds like a mini waterfall with the faintest of white noise that would lull any baby to sleep.  After having “one of those weeks”, I finally followed suite and decided I deserved to spoil myself. It was worth every penny and now I wonder why I waited so long!

I have a wonderful collection of Earth to Body’s essential oils and it seemed silly not to enjoy their full benefit. 


Lavender is my favourite essential oil, but I wanted to wait for bed. I started dusting the area around my new aesthetically sleek looking purchase and decided to fill it with peppermint and do the whole room! I always dust with peppermint. One of the main reasons why I bought it was to disperse frankincense. It’s supposed to dispel illness and keep the family healthy from flu bugs and such, so that was next. Lastly, I rinsed it out, dropped in lavender and fell asleep to deep inhales of purified air and the sound of water bubbles.  YUM.

The following day I couldn’t wait to try eucalyptus for a hot bath spa experience and then lemongrass… just because!

Spoil yourself this Valentine’s!

LAVENDER  – Before bed or just to relax. Studies have proven lavender to improve sleep, reduce stress, relieve anxiety and alleviate symptoms of depression! 

PEPPERMINT  – To clean, curb appetite and increase energy.

EUCALYPTUS  – For a spa experience or support respiratory system for flu/cold. Diffusers break down free radicals in the air that contribute to the growth of molds, yeasts and bacteria. They have been known to cure pneumonia in lab mice!

LEMONGRASS – Repel mosquitos, freshen a room and eliminate odours.

TEA TREE – Freshen a room and eliminate odours.

DARK PATCHOULI – Encourage restful sleep, mood harmonizing, antifungal

FRANKINCENSE – Cold/Flu medicinal purposes, Emotional support

ROSEMARY – Mental clarity, focus and memory

PPST, Earth to Body is preparing to sell Rosemary next. I can’t wait!

By: Tara Palov – Earth to Body

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