Steps to rebrand videos using intros and outros


We are well aware of the population on social media. It is not a debatable topic that social media plays a vital role in marketing. Due to the vast network that it covers, it is an accessible platform to create the brand value of product. For creating a good impact on the audience, it is necessary to make your video clear. After watching it, the viewers should have a clear idea about the content and expectations. Rebranding of videos comes to the picture during this phenomenon. With the help of YouTube editor and other platforms, it is easy to rebrand your videos. Before learning about rebranding, let us acquaint ourselves with terms like rebranding, intros, and outros. Later, we will learn how we can add them to your videos?

·         Rebranding videos

In simple words, rebranding refers to changing the image of something. So, in this case, it relates to changing the face of the video. Right now, the question that is there in our minds is how intros and outros help in rebranding. Well, the answer is simple. You add intros at the starting point of the videos and outros at the end. So, in simple words, you are adding an introduction and a conclusion part of your work. This feature helps the viewers to understand the content of your work more vividly.

  • Intros

An intro helps introduce the video. It acquaints the viewers with the intent of your content. The fantastic feature contains the logo of your brand. Video Creek provides a free intro maker for the users. You can visit the website of Video Creek. From there, you can click on the intro/outro maker. After that, click on the ‘make a video’ button. You will reach a page where you will find lots of templates. You can choose from various designs and layouts. You can either use the intro feature only to show your logo, or also the name of your brand. After you pick a model, click on ‘use the template’. The template will load, and you will have to upload your brand logo to start the process. You can add voice and scenes according to your requirement. Upload a suitable picture for each frame to make it look engaging.

  • Outros

In addition to the intro maker, there is a tool called Invideo that provides an outro maker to its users. The first impression is essential, and so is the last impact. If you end your video memorably and professionally, people will remember your ad. In such a case, there are high chances of conversion of your viewers into potential customers. From there, you will find a variety of options. Invideo gives a high-quality end to the video with its outro feature. If you make an outro with correct elements, it can convince your viewers to try your product. Therefore, outros are better known as CTA or Call To Action.

After understanding the basics of intros, outros, and rebranding, let’s learn how we can rebrand our videos using these features.

You can create introduction videos using PowerPoint. It will help you to reuse the same clip over and over again by making minor modifications. Keep the significant part the same but change the text and sound. You can do the same for making the outro. It will not be as attractive and elegant as made by Invideo. If you use PowerPoint, you will get quite a simple-looking result. It will be quite simple-looking but will save you a lot of time. You can try using PowerPoint while practicing. For professional purposes, avoid this idea as it is not catchy enough.

Once you create your intro and outro, it is now time to add them to your video. First, we will know how you can do it using a YouTube video editor. For moving ahead with this plan, you should upload your intro and outro video to your YouTube video library. Click on the video tab of the creator studio and make both the videos private. Choose the video in which you wish to add the intro and outro. Click on video manager and further click on ‘edit’. On your left, you will find a panel. From that, tap on create and then click on ‘video editor’. When you do this, you will land on a page where you will find other clips along with the selected video. Pick your intro from the clip. Pull that intro and drag it to the first box. Drag your main content video in the center box and the outro video in the last box. You can include transition effects in between to give it a different look. For that, click on the transition icon that you will find at the top of the same page. When you click on the icon, you will see a variety of options. Choose the one that you think suits your purpose the most. Drag your choice in between your intro and main video.

Similarly, drag again between your main video and outro. If you are content with your work, then tap on the publish button. After that, you can make more customizations as per the requirement. Using the main video editor, you can change the name of your video and make other small changes. Go to the video manager and edit the thumbnail. You can also add a link to your website or blog that you wish to promote.

After completing these steps, click on the ‘create video’ tab at the top. Your work will not load quickly after that. You might have to wait for some minutes. After some minutes, your work will be ready. Your final work will contain an intro, the main plot and then the outro.

So, you are ready with the final work which is engaging enough to grab the viewer’s attention. If your goal is promoting your product, publish this on the social media platform to get attention from the viewers.

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