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Tap into financial resources you didn’t know you had

financial resources

Whether you have a big family or are a single retiree, everyone benefits from some extra cash no matter your financial situation. That’s why when we hear we could be eligible for some unclaimed money, we get excited – but we often dismiss the idea, worried it may be a scam. 

While it’s good to be cautious, especially with fraud on the rise during the pandemic, there are legitimate reasons why you may be eligible for some unclaimed money. And you could be missing out if you don’t explore them.  

For example, if you’ve ever experienced a lengthy air travel delay, you may be entitled to financial compensation from your airline. A previous landlord may still owe you a forgotten security deposit, or a deceased relative may have named you as a beneficiary on an insurance policy without you knowing. 

Another example you may qualify for today is from your own insurance policy. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, a home and auto insurance provider, is making progress on its plans to convert from a mutual company to a publicly traded share company, and this means there are over 630,000 eligible policyholders across Canada who are potentially entitled to financial benefits.  

Customers who held a policy for the 12-month period ending on November 3, 2015 may be eligible for a one-time financial benefit in the form of cash or shares if the company becomes publicly traded. Find more information at joininourfuture.com .

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