The eating trends in 2020


Thankfully, we have made it to almost mid of 2020 amidst COVID-19 and the pandemic has already overwhelmingly changed our eating behaviours. Even with the leniency in the lockdown worldwide, people are still intimidated by dining in the restaurants and prefer takeaways. According to the latest research eating trends in 2020 findings by AMC Global, the pandemic is changing consumer behaviours and it is likely to stay with us on long terms.

However, if there is one thing that’s proved out to be invariable, it is eating from outside. This has encouraged the restaurant owners alongside their cooks to come up with new trends as they do every year. Each year, we experience the birth of numerous innovative eating trends, and soon enough lay some of them to rest. Since the public drools over chicken, most of the pop eating fashion involves chicken batter or chicken breading but what new can we look forward to in restaurants this year? Let’s find out.

1- B Corp Certified Restaurants

Generation Z, unlike millennials, prefers investing in restaurants with a commitment to the safety of the environment and nature alongside transparency of its profits. More and more restaurants are now opting for purpose-based dining. Such B-Corp certified restaurants flaunt a balance between their profits and community and put forward the wellbeing of their workers and suppliers.

2- Ghost Kitchens

The statistics of several modern pieces of research demonstrate how the current home delivery is going to be the post-pandemic lifestyle. In such a situation, ghost kitchens are going to benefit us all where a couple of brands work together under one flag avoiding the unnecessary expenditure of opening fancy restaurants.

This is a win-win situation for both the food companies and the consumers owing to the diversity of the menu and cost-effectiveness. You no longer have to worry about your food quality issues like coating for chicken is poor or the chicken batter is unhygienic as they get their chicken breading material from quality brands like .

3- The Era of Celebrity Chefs

Though it’s not all novel, the trend however is still working as people continue going all gaga over the idea of celebrity chef cooking for them. The renowned French man, Maria-Antonie Careme was the first celebrity chef in the world to start his restaurant. Currently, in almost all parts of the world, this trend is in bloom and the public loves visiting such places. The most drooled over dishes by these chefs are that involve chicken batter and chicken breading.

4- Smart Technology

Nobody likes to wait long for their food and end up having the wrong menu especially today since everything has become ‘smart’ and fast. Sometimes you may witness unproportioned coating for chicken or rotten chicken breading. This can cringe you to a whole new level.

Given the competition and ease of customers, restaurants are now providing a tablet by each table to customize their menu as per their choice from the wide range of items they offer. This also enables them to keep a check on the time they are given to prepare. Moreover, you no longer have to go to the counter to pay your bill. On the part of the restaurant managers, this new technology gives them a high management comfort when the staff is short and it’s a packed house.

There are a lot of other eating trends of 2020 other than these, keep yourself updated on our website to know more.


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