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“This Neem Salve is a LIFESAVER.”

Says Sabina, one of our valued customers. It saved her from a recurring rash on her face. She is one of many that have fallen in love with our salve.

“Your neem salve has changed my life. No more breakouts.”

Says J.Smitty from Ontario. We hear…


Or simply just, “Wow.”

Personally, I cannot get enough of the smell. Call me weird because not everyone loves the earthy natural scent of neem, and I didn’t always. Perhaps it’s an acquired sense, but after running out of x-cream for my dry hands (these 20 seconds washes have that tendency), I started dipping into the salve, and YUM. It’s decadent! I keep them all over the house, sometimes just to smell, but don’t tell anyone because this may be a strange habit.

It’s definitely not the scent that makes the Neem Salve a best seller with our customers, it’s the magical, fantastical transformative properties! Originally, we recommended this salve for the feet, because it’s wonderful for stubborn foot issues, but people are not only lathering it all over their bodies, but their faces too! It’s clearing up breakouts, and causing beautiful glows all over town.

Another thing we love hearing from you is, “WOW, You guys, really actually are natural!” Almost surprised, because so many companies advertise as “natural” and sneak in a long long list of unwanted chemicals. But you know not to fall for that hype, that’s why you’ve fallen for us. (We love you too.)

Our Neem Salve has…

SIMPLE INGREDIENTS ONLY: Neem Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, White Grapefruit oil, Lavender, Lemonseed Extract

Nothing more!

When you have a skin issue, no matter what it is, no matter how mysterious… Hit the Neem Salve.

PS. Please read the testimonials. Our customers speak loud and clear. Five stars down the line. This salve is “WOW”.


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