Things you can do while breastfeeding


As much as breastfeeding is the most natural act of nurture, it can get boring once you start doing it on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with being occupied with something else while the baby latches on your breasts. There are some moms that will feel guilty about multitasking as there is a common notion that the baby needs to be given full attention while breastfeeding. When you’ve decided to breastfeed, you don’t have to worry about sterilizing bottles. You can still look for the best baby bottle sterilizer but you won’t need it in the first few weeks. Here are some of the things you could do while breastfeeding.

Things you can do while breastfeeding

Talk or Sing to the Baby

Babies will start listening to your voice when they’re inside the womb. To a baby, the mom’s voice is the most soothing thing in the world. Breastfeeding is perfect to bond with your little one. You can start talking or singing to them early. A baby is likely to stop crying when she hears the mother’s voice and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be singing when they’re nursing, added You will be imparting important language skills even if the baby is newborn.


If your baby is feeding, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing the same. There are some moms that will gain appetite while others will forget to eat entirely. You need energy because breastfeeding is a calorie-intensive exercise. You can make the baby’s feeding time to coincide with yours. You don’t have to take a full meal. There are so many different types of healthy snacks that you could opt for while nursing.

Things you can do while breastfeeding

Drink a Lot of Water

There should be a bottle of water next to you at any moment. If you can forget to eat then drinking water will not be a priority. Drinking plenty of water helps in the production of milk. You also need your mind sharp as you’ll be looking after another human being round the clock. When it is hot outside, the breastmilk will be watery which is address the baby’s needs for dehydration. You won’t be helping the situation if you’re not drinking enough water. Make sure you’re keeping up with the demands of dehydration.

Bond With The Rest Family

As a new mom, there are occasions where you’ll need your alone time. This is understandable as motherhood will come with a lot of challenges. Even as you get your moments alone, you shouldn’t forget to bond with the rest of the family. The baby will soon have to be introduced to the rest of the family members. You want to get comfortable with the family first with the newborn before going out to the new world. Once you’re comfortable breastfeeding around the family, it will be a lot easier to go outside with the baby.


It is possible to catch up with your favorite novel as you breastfeed. Having a newborn will not be all rosy. You’ll barely have time for yourself in the first few months. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the things you liked to do. You can go through a chapter or two while the young one is nursing. You can also check out what is going online since you’ll always be having the phone near you.

Listen to Music

It is not a bad idea to introduce your kid to different genres of music at an early age and what better way to do it while breastfeeding? Music has a therapeutic effect and can be soothing on so many levels. It is something that you’d definitely want to share with your baby. It strengthens the bond even as breastfeeding is going on.

Listen to an Audio Book

Your hands might be tied when breastfeeding but there is nothing stopping you from listening. You can go through different books much quicker even as you participate in other duties required of a young mother.

Go Social

As a new mom, you might feel isolated. Such times are when social media can be helpful. You will have long mastered using one hand and you won’t find it challenging to go through social media while the other hand is taking care of the baby’s needs. You can also reach out to your girlfriends whenever you feel like venting. After all, what are friends for if there can’t be there for you in times of need? Make sure you’re getting help if you feel like you’re overwhelmed.


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