Things you should never do with your Vape Pen


Everything has dos and don’ts and so does vaping. These are meant to enhance the experience that you get from the habit. If you are a fan of vaping, you probably know some great tips. Unfortunately, people tend to forget the don’ts, which leads to a bad experience, health issues, and damage to the vape pen.

With this list of the common things you should not do with your vape pen, every vaper will get some of the best experience with their device while keeping possible challenges away. Read on to learn more.

Using Dirty and Failing Coils

The secret to getting a great experience is in using fully clean or new coils. They perfectly burn the e-juice as recommended by the manufacturer to give the best vapor. Dirty coils take a toll on batteries because the resistance is higher than normal. As a matter of fact, they may end up causing damage to the device or increase the chances of explosion accidents.

Using with low battery

In many cases, people have run out of battery in any of their electrical devices. But you can tell how disappointing it is because the device has some limitations. A vape pen with a low battery produces low heat in the coil and always fails to function properly.

The good thing is that vape pens always have a low battery indicator, which means that you should recharge before use. If possible, have an extra set of fully-charged batteries that you can use if you have to vape.

Using Low-Quality E-Juice

According to experts, low-quality e-juice is not only harmful to your health but also the vape pen. The ingredients produce a lot of deposits and toxins. As a result, people get sick from consuming them. As you look around for the best e cigarettes for sale, you should know that buying e-juice from untrusted sellers puts your device at a risk of damage. To find the best e-juice to buy, check the reviews by previous users.

Using the wrong charger

Some electrical devices can share chargers without problems, but vape pens are a little different. Manufacturers have designed them differently for authenticity, depending on the batteries they have used, and for many other reasons. One of the biggest mistakes one can make is using the wrong charger. The dangers include damaging the charging system, batteries, and even causing an explosion. It is very simple – always use the recommended charger.

Using a faulty device

Vaping using a faulty vape device is suicidal. These faults include leaking tanks, coils with problems, swollen batteries, and a lot more. As such, you risk damaging the entire device or even exposing yourself to hazards. For instance, a leaking vape device might create a short circuit in the battery charger and cause an explosion.

The Takeaway

To avoid any problems with your vape device, ensure that it is in proper working condition at all times. If you avoid the above things, you will rarely run into problems while vaping. As such, users are assured of the best throat hits, heavy clouds, tasty flavours, and a long-lasting vape device.


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