Three Things a Network Cabling Expert Brings to the Table

Three Things a Network Cabling Expert Brings to the Table

Over the years, offices and home offices are getting increasingly more connected. Server rooms, employee desks, IP phones all work as a part of a larger system. The same is true for homes – your home security systems, security cameras, wifi access points and other equipment may be connected together to create a connected home. However, all of this relies on efficient network cabling services.

Some homeowners and businesses prefer hiring network cabling experts, while others prefer to do it themselves or using the resources they have available.

We sat down with Daniel Sumarokoff, founder of Citadel, a network cabling and security systems company based in Toronto, to discuss the importance of professional approach to network cabling and other related installations. Here is what Daniel said.

Well Thought Out Solutions

“Network design is an art. The trick here is to think through every detail to deliver on a client’s requirements. In addition, professional network design companies think through every detail of the project before recommending a solution,” says Sumarokoff. “Some of the details we always learn about a business or a private property are the main requirements, how many devices will need to be integrated into the system, how important is the internet speed. All of this and much more information is accounted for before the work begins.”

Think twice, cut once. Cost-effectiveness is really an outcome of a well thought-through solution.

“A professional solution saves our clients lots of time and money in the long run,” said Sumarokoff. “In addition, this gives them a sense of security and certainty that everything will go right with their home and office, so they can focus on what is important to them. When it comes to network cabling, a good example is that a solution implemented following standards will last longer. In addition, if any replacements need to be made, they will likely take less time and as a result cost less money,” he adds.

The Ease of Upgrades
Over the years, as new technologies are developed, new cutting-edge equipment is introduced, and Sumarokoff says you may require upgrades. “That’s why we design our solution with the future in mind,” he says.

A professionally-designed network cabling or security camera system solution will be comparatively easy to upgrade in the future, thus again saving you money in the long run.

Finally, and this applies to any industry, a professional solution will always outperform a solution that is NOT designed by experts. “And that’s what most of the clients come to us for. They are looking for peace of mind for the security and safety of their home and businesses,” states Sumarokoff.

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