What makes rollover accidents so dangerous?


Rollover accidents are accidents that occur when the vehicle rolls over or turns over. Larger vehicles are more susceptible to turnover accidents. Rollover accidents today pose the deadliest risk to vehicle drivers and passengers because they lead to severe injuries. According to How Stuff Works, rollover accidents account for more than 280,000 accidents each year and claim more than 10,000 lives.

What causes rollover accidents?

The stability of the vehicle and the driver’s error are the two significant causes of such accidents. The centre of gravity of the car determines its stability. A stable car is less prone to accidents. A higher centre of gravity makes the vehicle unstable, and in turn, it can quickly change direction when in motion, leading to a rollover accident. A driver is also a cause of these accidents, especially when it involves one or two vehicles. Some drivers drive while drunk and sometimes drive at a higher speed without looking for oncoming cars. According to safer car, 50 percent of rollover accidents are caused by drunk driving.

Since the accidents are of higher severity, then the victims might sustain significant injuries, and some might die. Some people feel that being in a big car, they are safe and end up not wearing safety belts. If an accident occurs and the drivers do not have safety belts, the victims end up sustaining severe injuries. Therefore, passengers and drivers need to wear safety belts since they assist in such scenarios. Of course, it is also possible that a seat belt injury can occur in these wrecks if something goes wrong with the belt during the rollover.

Common injuries due to rollover accidents include spinal cord injuries, head injuries, crushing injuries, and injuries affecting the internal organs. Some of the victims might end up losing their vision and sight. Drivers should also ensure that they are alert while driving and avoid drinking alcohol since it causes impaired vision while driving. Since these accidents might lead to permanent disability and even the death of a loved one, it is vital to seek assistance.

Get an accident lawyer after a rollover

Rollover accidents are dangerous, and therefore it is essential to insure your car against such. In the case of an accident, insurance companies do not immediately compensate the owner for the accident. They need to investigate to get to the root of the accident so that they can decide whether to pay or not. Getting compensation for an accident from the insurance companies is not a walk in the park. Sometimes the companies might deny the claims of the accident and fail to cover the compensation. Dealing with these insurance companies alone is never a wise move. Some of these insurance companies have lawyers who will fight to ensure that the company is not responsible for the accident. When you are in such a situation, a car accident lawyer comes in handy.

A car accident lawyer understands all the legal rights of a person who is covered by an insurance policy. Some of the agents in the insurance companies do not follow the legal path to compensate their customers. Some insurance companies might want to take advantage of a victim who does not understand their agreement with the company and offer them meager amounts of money. A car accident lawyer fully knows the amount of compensation that a victim deserves from the insurance company. If you rely on a car accident lawyer, then be sure you’ll get all that you deserve from the insurance company.

A car accident lawyer will also save you from the agony of making rash decisions due to pressure from the other party. Some of the insurance companies trick their customers into signing their legal rights away before they fully explore the situation. Some of the victims end up regretting this once the insurance fails to fully cover all of their bills and losses. When the victim goes back to dispute the settlement, they will not get any assistance since they already signed an agreement. A car accident lawyer is aware of this and will ensure that the insurance company follows all the procedures to the letter and that the victim is aware of everything regarding their claim.

In case of a rollover accident, it is worth getting a car accident lawyer to assist. An experienced car accident lawyer will ensure that your claim experience is transparent and that the compensation is commensurate with the severity of the accident.

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