What to do if you lock your keys in your car while travelling?


Travelling is an exciting thing that over a billion people do every year. While some prefer to travel by plane, others like to go on road trips and drive to their destinations. These are rides full of laughing, fun, and friends.

These road trips are great, but one of the worst things that can happen on these trips is locking your keys in the car. It is something that millions do, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful when it happens. So what are you supposed to do if you lock your keys in your car while travelling in a different city? Well, that is precisely what this blog post is going to take a closer look at.

Call a locksmith

While some people will have roadside assistance, this isn’t often the case. If you have no one able to help you and no spare, the next call you should make is to a locksmith. These individuals and companies are experienced when it comes to safely and professionally gaining entry into your locked car. They can also help with other things like residential lockouts, as well.

No matter what city your road trip has taken you, there is a good chance you will be able to find a locksmith to help. Whether you need a Toronto locksmith or one in Ottawa, you shouldn’t struggle to find one. Some will have dedicated hours that they can assist you, while others are available 24/7. The costs can vary but are usually quite affordable.

Stay calm

We know this is a stressful time, but staying calm is another very important thing to do when your keys get locked in your car. If you’re going to miss an appointment or be late for something, simply call them and let them know. People will understand that situations like this happen from time to time.

If you simply go right into panicking, it will hurt your decision-making and make it tough for you to evaluate your options. Take some deep breaths, make calls to the locksmith as mentioned above or a tow company, and await their assistance. Of course, be sure to check every door, window, and even the trunk to make sure there is no way to access the car.

Know the right way to break the window

If no other solution is working, and you are in an emergency situation (such as a baby locked in the car or your pet), there is a chance the window might need to be broken to gain entry. This should be a last resort, and instead of breaking the window yourself, it’s a good idea to call 911 for assistance in a rescue situation.

However, we know some people will panic and look to gain entry themselves as soon as possible. As a result, we felt it was valuable to include some tips on the right way to break the window. First of all, you will need something relatively sharp and hard, such as a screwdriver, car window scraper, or even a rock.

Instead of bashing the window in the middle as hard as you can, you want to hit around the outside of the window, as the glass is often weaker there. Also, be sure to gain entry on the window that is furthest away from the pet or child. Watch out for stray glass during the whole situation, as well.

Locking your keys in your car can be a frightening and stressful experience. But if you remember to stay calm, call a locksmith, and know how to safely break your windows, then the situation can be handled much more easily.

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