Why are eternity roses so popular with celebrities?


Flowers! Yes, flowers! Flowers are the most precious gift you can give to anyone. Whether you are attending a sick at a hospital or proposing for marriage, flowers are present everywhere. Getting a delivery of freshly cut blooms can make you happy, like anything else you desire. They can brighten the dreariest day of your life. Even if you are looking simply at flowers, you can feel yourself at the cloud-nine state of mind. This fact is proven by science that flowers can freshen up any state of mind. Well, there is also a bad case with flowers. It is when they are dead and mushy. Of course, this scenario is not so blissful for anyone who has received the flowers as a gift.

Flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion

It is the truth that people love when someone presents them with flowers but hate it when they have to throw them away. La Fleur De Luxe flowers can feel every emotion of their customer. Therefore, they had put their best efforts into creating these highest quality eternity flowers. Their eternity flowers have a serious kind of star following. Big stars like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Olivia Culpo loves to have them, and they had shown their love for these flowers on their social media too. Apart from these, the whole Kardashian Clan holds a big passion for eternity flowers. This is no joke that most of the celebrities love to have Eternity flowers as a gift.

Flowers where are the perfect gift for holidays or any romantic occasions, only last a few days. La Fleur De Luxe flowers have created a luxury box of flowers to combat the vicious cycle of nature. Eternity roses can stay fresh for up to a year. As they are meant to last longer than your usual bouquet of fresh flowers, they are loved by many of the big names. The flowers don’t stay fresh up to last an eternity even if they are real. But these ‘Eternity flowers’ are said to remain fresh for up to a year.

The whole idea of ‘Eternity Flowers’

The concept of these eternity flowers has stemmed from an unfortunate Valentine’s Day incident. Seema Bansal, who is the co-founder of these eternity flowers, received an expensive bouquet from her husband, Sunny Chadha, in 2015. Despite the hefty price tag, the bouquet arrived in a seriously subpar condition. The idea aroused in the Bansal mind of making a floral delivery that claimed to do what it said. They should present themselves every time beautifully.

Best place to buy Eternity Roses

La Fleur De Luxe roses last an entire calendar year without water. Their roses retain their texture, shape, and scent in the best way. Available in many countries has a luxury style of boxing their flowers. But how do the flowers look so fresh for a whole year? It is because La Fleur De Luxe uses Ecuadorian roses. The Ecuadorian roses because of their proximity to the Equator, are the highest quality rose. These roses tend to naturally last the longest, as is it because of their location and environment. Also, this is because of the area’s fertile soil; these flowers tend to last up a year. 

Does not require any maintenance

The incredible thing about these flowers is that they don’t need any hard work maintenance and serious look after. The only thing you have to do is to keep them out of the direct sunlight. But if you want to give them sunshine, provide them with a light dusting of water after a few months. With these simple things, you have the best and beautiful flowers for a whole year in your house. This is just one of the reasons these eternity flowers are loved by many of the celebrities around the globe.


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